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  • I just watched your video on npr. I live in tucson, never had your food, but man you inspire…f’ yes. thank you. keep on brother.

  • Roy,
    My blessing to you my man! I grew up in Los Angeles and for a Good part in my life in K town (9th and fedora) beleive me ThOse wonderful KoreaN food breezes Always traveled through living rooms Where I lived! Had your tacos and burritos For the first time in may and Man oh man that flavor hit in different angLes of my taste buds! Unfu@%en believable Flavor! Salvadorian is my backGround and with That said we give you our props! Question to you?remember that hamburger spoT on Vermont aNd Francis Just north of 9th? It’s now a Chicken spot but back in the days it was A Korean owned burger spot, weLl they made a teriyaki burrito there and boy did it do great in the area, I can still fLavor it however never found it ever again I know what it contained and Have made it at home for my kids and well I’m no chef but its almost to perfection…. Hit me up as it can be something you might be intRested in knowing about?!  Keep up the great cooking and hope to here from you sooN! GoOd bless!
    Hector, Dunn Edwards

  • Ok, ok…I am a food truck convert now that i had kogi. It was so delicious. I had every taco they make on a recent trip to la from georgia. i am home now, and salivating for some more. i cannot stand that I will not be able to run to the truck this week again. thanks for the delicious experience.
    Kelli in Decatur, GA

  • Everything went so well! I meant to email you on Friday of last week, but wasn’t able to get to it. Thank you again for helping us provide such an amazing event for our students and staff. Your employees were very friendly, attentive and everything went off without a hitch! Thank you again for helping us put this together, I know it was very last minute but we were so grateful that you were able to come out again, especially on such short notice. We are looking forward to having you here on the 10th of June! I will absolutely write a review on yelp for you. Also, if possible I would like to contact your CFO and let him know what a spectacular job you do too!! Lindsay (the events coordinator) and I have both been very impressed by you and the entire Kogi company. We are constantly dealing with caterers and different companies to come out and provide food service and catering to our school for events and other functions. No other company has been so efficient and well liked as yours!

    Thank you!

    Have a wonderful week!
    Jacqueline Maizland, Windward School – Repeat CL.

  • I don’t think things could have gone better on our end.  Eric and the crew treated us very well.  The guests were all impressed with the food!
    I am so impressed by your organization and will happily use Kogi in the future.
    Kind regards,
    Virginia Banks, Himitsu US

  • I know I spoke to Natasha already, but I wanted to thank you guys again on behalf of our entire organization for bringing out the Kogi BBQ truck today for lunch. All of our Chivas USA staff loved it and the food was amazing! Jose and his crew provided fast, friendly service and it was truly a delight for us all. I wanted to let you know that we are most likely going to put some pictures up of the staff eating from the truck on the Chivas USA Facebook page. You should go check those out if you want.
    Thanks again,
    David Sigley, Chivas USA

  • Everyone loved the Kogi Truck tacos!  The 3-taco of choice menu was perfect for our group.  Although there was a little snafu with the truck getting on campus, it turned out to be a hit.  Thanks for all your help in coordinating this event with me.  It was a pleasure working with you and your staff and hope we can do this again soon!
    Jemma Bustamante, USC Law Staff Appreciation

  • The event went perfectly! I was so appreciate that that truck was a little early, it allowed us to make sure the placement was good for the client.
All rave reviews from the client and from the Montage/Aliso Creek teams. Thank you for all your preliminary work you did with Corey, that was super helpful.
    Looking forward to more of these events with you.
    Lyndsay Lynch, Montage Resort

  • Actually, if you can pass on a big thanks for Kogi generosity with the discounted price for the catering.  Yes…I was at the wedding, and Kogi was a big hit.  Everybody loved it.  There were several people who’ve never tried Kogi.  Their expectations we’re clearly satisified.
    Thank you again.

    Tell Roy I say Hello.
    Willie Suh at Quality Inn attending Laura and Allen Wedding

  • The Picture Head party last week was a huge success, and we owe most of that to the Kogi Truck!  Everyone loved the food – it certainly lived up to its reputation.  The catering manager, Jose, was a great help and very professional.
    I will make sure to go onto yelp with some positive feedback.
    Thank you again,
    Kym Bower, Picture Head

  • I just wanted to say thank you to you and your truck team for a great lunch last Thursday.  The event was a complete success and our team enjoyed the tacos very much!
    Your team was a pleasure to work with, Eric was very efficient and the cooking team was very accurate and fast.
    Congratulations on running a great business, have a wonderful day.
    Brenda Sarti, Superior Grocers

  • Jose and his crew are just leaving our office.  Everyone was completely satisfied as there wasn’t one complaint in the house… Other than we’d eaten too much!  🙂
    Thank you for your patience in negotiating the contract and making sure we were prepped for a great experience and afternoon.
    Nina, Pitch Agency

  • I don’t think things could have gone better on our end.  Eric and the crew treated us very well.  The guests were all impressed with the food!
    I am so impressed by your organization and will happily use Kogi in the future.
    Kind regards,
    Virginia Banks, Himitsu US

  • Folks really enjoyed the tacos.  Everyone was really happy with the food quality you provided.   I still get folks today telling me how great the tacos were.  The only thing I had was that the food truck did not arrive early enough to set-up. 
    Thanks again for helping us out on the 30th.  As you know, our efforts helped save jobs and prevented budget cuts in the classroom and it also prevented another fee hike on our students.
    Wishing you a fabulous holiday as well,
    Blanca Castaneda, CSUN Teacher’s Union

  • We are so Thankful for you and the yummy food and for making that happen for our crew on such short notice!
    They LOVED the food – the Crew and the food that was brought back to the house for the Chefs! It was a great afternoon and our general contractor told us that the crew was just so touched by it. I thank you so much again and we will for sure call on you again!
    We wish the Kogi Family a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season!!!
    Warmest regards,
    Carolyn, Jennifer Aniston’s Assistant

  • I have to say, that was some of the best damn chicken tacos and beef sliders I’ve ever had and I think I might be a KOGI addict now.  I wish I was starving when I tried them, because I wanted to try more of the menu.  Please tell me you have routes that come to West Hollywood?
    From what I understand, we went a tad over in our order, so send me the invoice for that when you get the details.
    Thanks again.
    MaryAnne, ICG Local 600

  • The food was fantastic and everyone kept commenting on how good it was. I’m so glad you were able to fit us in on such short notice so I thank you for that. I will definitely keep you in mind for other functions as will my customer I am sure. Thanks again for everything; your food and service helped my event become a great success!
Happy Holidays to you, your family and staff!


    Colleen Valles, Territory Manager, Moen Inc.

  • The party was amazing, I can’t thank you enough for all the delicious
catering you guys provided. We will definitely be using Kogi again for
our future engagements.

    Thanks again,
Ryan, Prettybird