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  • Raul Mondesi

    The Raul Mondesi! It’s a Hebrew national all beef hot dog with grilled kimchi, canned corn, and salsa Azul and Verde. So simple, so delicious… mmmm…. Chego Specials – … > Read More


    CREAM – Quesadilla with sweet pickled red onions, short rib, cheese with a delectably creamy marscapone sauce on top. MMMMMMMM….. Chego Specials – Only Available at 3300 Overland … > Read More

  • Whole Lotta Tostada

    Whole Lotta Tostada – Tostada with short rib cooked with refried beans and enchilada salsa, topped with our salsa verde, cheese, salad, and a dollop of sour cream. – $5

  • Hey Shortie!

    A love story between Kimchi and Shortrib. Shortrib picks up Kimchi and take her into the wonderful folds of a shortrib-kimchi burrito. Hey Shortie Burrito – $6 Chego Special – Only … > Read More

  • Sunrise and Sunset Mulita

    Kogi Special Sunrise and Sunset Mulita – Spam and Egg Mulita with Salsa Naranja paired with a Pork Mulita with Salsa Azul. Chego Specials – 3300 Overland Blvd Yay, Shells – crab and … > Read More

  • Pacman – Round 2

    The Pacman Special is back! Featuring all 3 meats, sauces, onion cilantro, cheese, and our sesame mayo. $7 Zorses and Zonkey Quesadilla – Melted Cheese, kimchi, spicy pork, wild sesame seed … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    Stoner’s DeLight – NOW w/ 50% More Corny Goodness

    This is everything every Korean American grew up with… AND MORE. Cheese, corn, Vienna sausage and kimchi tacos w/ a dose of our meLLow, soothsaying brother SaLsa Verde.  Papi caLLs it stoner … > Read More

  • KoGi SpeciaL: Get Your Dose of PMS

    …cuz it is that time of the month. Persimmon Mandarin Sesame Sausage Tacos — 2 for $5. The sausage heLps satisfy that craving for saLt and hot fat whiLe the mandarins and persimmons … > Read More

  • PACMAN!!!

    What is it?  It is the EVERYTHING BURGER MASH-UP. Both salsas!  ALL three meats! Sesame mayo!  Salad!   Chicharrones!  Jack and cheddar cheeses! A case of the munchies! It could very well be … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    Earth and Mars Intergalctic Special

    This week, Chef Roy went on a voyage to Mars. On this fateful trip, he met with the local Martians and was introduced to their culture, hip-hop, and outer space flavors. While jammin’ with the … > Read More