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  • Shortrib and Kimchi Tostada

    Tostada with shortrib, kimchi, sour cream, salsa verde, a squeeze of lime, and fresh salad on top. -$5 Chego Special – Only Available at 3300 Overland Blvd – 530PM-1130PM Coconut green … > Read More

  • Half Baked

    Loaded ‘halfed-baked’ quesadilla Perfectly cooked bacon, crisp Chinese broccoli, melty cheddar and jack cheeses… …our salsa azul (habanero-basil-blueberry), sour cream and … > Read More

  • Burrito on Lox

    Burrito on Lox – Smoked Salmon Lox Burrito with cream, soft scrambled eggs, onions, and chili salsa. – $7 Chego Special – Only Available at 3300 Overland Blvd – 5:30pm-11:30pm … > Read More

  • Meat meet Cheese

    Grilled cheese sourdough sandwich with short rib and roasted garlic and cilantro. Chego Special – Only available at 3300 Overland Blvd – 5:30pm-11:30pm Chicken Congee with kimchi, … > Read More

  • DETROIT City Coney Dog

    Kogi Style Detroit City Coney Dog with Shortrib and Mustard. All-beef dogs griddled until the casings crisp and the innards are bursting with juiciness. Generous strip of mustard, salsa roja and a … > Read More

  • Katy’s Camaron Shrimp Taco

    Spicy Chipotle Shrimp Taco – Shrimp smothered and grilled with chipotle paste. Finished with onions, cilantro and a squeeze of lime. Entre salsas roja and verde. Buen provecho, homies. -$3 … > Read More

  • Viva Mexico

    Viva Mexico! – Red, green, and white mulitas stuffed with chorizo queso fresco and topped with salsa Roja and Verde. $5 for the set. Chego Special – Only available at 3300 Overland Blvd … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    Pineapple Pacman: Round 2 GO MANNY!

    Can you handle it? Caramelized pineapple, three meats and cheese, and three salsas – $8

  • PB & JAE

    Spicy Dirty Dog for Jae, Naranja’s night time manager. It was his birthday today 4/26. Wish him well at the truck! Spicy habanero peanut butter and cheese dog.

  • Kogi BBQ

    Deli Belly

    Deli Belly – Grilled Turkey-Kimchi Reuben on Rye. Hot turkey with melted cheese, buttered Kimchi, and thousand island dressing in between two toasted pieces of rye. $7 Chego Specials – … > Read More