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  • Specials for Tonight

    We have 3 Specials for you guys today.

    Sliced Persimmons and Rice Cakes with Sesame and Organic honey
    Korean Pancakes with chili-soy dressing
    Short Rib Sliders

    So I hope you’re hungry!

  • Special for Tonight – Korean Pancakes!

    Yum, this is an old Korean dish with a fresh new twist. Known as Bin-deh Dduk in the words of my peeps. It may look like a pancake, but this baby is something special. It’s crispy on the … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    New Special on the Menu Tonight!

    Roy Choi, our executive chef, wanted to have a little fun tonight and added a new special on the menu – Kogi Sliders!  Our Sliders are made with our tasty short-ribs with a new sauce placed in … > Read More