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  • Burnt Rice Porridge with Kimchi

    Roy has brought back this old favorite for you Silverlakers out there who came to see us in Downtown LA. It’s savory, warm, and oh, so yummy. So kids, if you ever burn rice at the bottom of … > Read More

  • Vegetarian Madness!

    For those of you who don’t believe in eating meat, Roy made some yummy alternatives. Of course, we had to make a Tofu Salad with our own Vinaigrette. And then for desert, we had Korean Rice … > Read More

  • Presidential Specials

    With a new president in office, Chef Roy decided to mix it up a bit with the specials. Tasty, filling, and as always, works of culinary art. For those of you who were looking to be a bit more … > Read More

  • Return of the Korchata!

    With so many people asking about it, we just had to bring it back.  Give a big applause for our famous Korchata, that quirky drink that blends both Horchata and Shikeh into one blessed warm drink. … > Read More

  • Tripe Tacos with Spicy Avocado and Habanero Salsa

    Delish and chewy Tripe with a special one two punch of our Spicy Avocado and Habanero Salsa.  This Salsa Verde punches a lot more kick than our usual Salsa Roja.  So this taco really is reserved for … > Read More

  • Korean Avocado Tostada

    Tonight’s specials for Tuesday, January 13th are as follows

    Korean Avocado Tostada
    Kimchi Quesadilla
    Kogi Dog
    Korean Torta

  • Sweet Tooth

    Had some yummy new specials this week.  The star in my mind was the Pickled Strawberries and Brie.  A tangy and sweet little dish with out the pretentiousness of a $20 price tag.  Perhaps a bit … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    Caramelized Vegetable Torta

    And the special event for tonight is a Torta once again, but this time all vegetarian. We get the veggies hot on the grill and have them break down do get a nice deep flavor and top it with some … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    What? What? Korchata?

    Our brilliant and crazy sister, Alice Shin, came up with this wacky idea of making a Korean Horchata using Korean Rice Punch and Horchata ingredients to make this frankenstein beverage.  Of course, … > Read More

  • Are You Ready For 2009 Specials?

    We got a few favorites for Friday night as well as a brand new special.  We hope you enjoyed your New Year’s… in a safe and responsible manner of course.  Hope you guys are hungry for … > Read More