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    Kogi Familia

    Secret to our success

  • Kogi Summer Watermelon Special

    Watermelon w Feta Cheese, Mint Yogurt, and Bacon! Make sure u eat a lil bit of everything together!

  • Kogi BBQ

    MASSIVE APOLOGIES and a PLea for Patience!

    Okay, so for aLL y’aLL who don’t know, UncLe Roy has snuck away into his littLe boat with his fam and has saiLed away this week for yet another adventure. HE WILL COME BACK. HE IS … > Read More

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    It’s our Magic Sauce Numba 2! Y’aLL are probabLy famiLiar with our Magic Sauce Numba Juan, aka SaLsa Roja: It’s RED.  And bucket-friendLy.  And made w/ chiLes de arboL, ginger, … > Read More

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    Kimchi Puerco Queso Pupusas w/ ChipotLe ChiLe de ArboL sauce

    Tasty Pupusas served with a salad. Inspired by our Sous Chef Marlen’s pupusas she’s been making for us over at the Alibi. A marriage of both Korean and Latino cultures. deliciousness! … > Read More

  • KoGi SpeciaL: Summer MuLitas

    This week Chef Roy decided to make something fresh and lightLy fried around the edges for summer: muLitas fiLLed w/ heirLoom tomatoes, griLLed nectarines, cotija cheese and butter lettuce.  After a … > Read More

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    Big Ups to the Bay-Bay and Viva Las Vegas

    Made it disastrousLy late to the EagLe Rock Vegas stop last night!  (Who knew that traiLers + Harry Potter = OVER 3.5 HOURS OF MY LIFE?!) But I got to catch the taiL end of the festivities! These … > Read More

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    Kimchi Tuna Melt

    The Diner classic is reborn at Kogi with this one. Heaps of cheese is melted over Chef Roy’s home made tuna salad and carmelized kimchi and is served between to toasted slices of sour dough.

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    Twisted Korean Quesadilla w/ Jangjorim Chillies

    Janjorim is a traditional braised beef dish. We take that with some chilies and turn it into a tasty little quesadilla. Also served with a slice of melon sprinkled w/ chili and salt for a refreshing … > Read More

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