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  • picture

    THE KOGI HOLIDAY SCHEDULE + An Early Black Friday Gift(s?)

    First, some MOOD MUSIC: Okay. Is it just me, or does Devonte Hynes not remind you a rittle of Prince/Sade with a touch of hipster? It’s the total commitment to character, the incredible … > Read More

  • 5 yars

    High 5

    First, some MOOD MUSIC: Hey guys, guess what? IT’S BEEN ABOUT 5 YEARS SINCE WE FIRST STARTED TWEETING. Look I even have proof. @kogibbq Congratulations, today is the day of your 5 years … > Read More

  • taco

    Thank you, Chinatown! + The Birth of the Kogi Taco

    First, some MOOD MUSIC. And I know that I am NOT the only one excited about the release of M.I.A.’s Matangi: Before we mosey onwards towards November, I do want to say a quick thank you to all … > Read More

  • THIS you'll want to come to...

    dim sum mum mum… mum

    First, some MOOD MUSIC (I love how the video takes you all around the streets of L.A.): Second, for all those who still want to cosplay after this weekend but want to get back home at a reasonable … > Read More

  • facekini

    we know what the rock is cooking…

    First, some mood music: And we interrupt this regularly scheduled program to let y’all know that: Yay, so happy to announce that Chego will be celebrating Halloween w/ Chinatown with a little … > Read More



    MOOD MUSIC: Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letter “D” for “DANCE” as well as “O” for all things “OCTUBRE.” I know, there is something … > Read More

  • donut

    Friends, Strangers and Speech, Speech

    First, some MOOD music. And the internet should totally upvote this song. Because it’s about cats. SOOOOO… I’m hoping to make a new friend this week. In this case… a Donut … > Read More

  • P1030767


    First, some MOOD MUSIC: Okay, admittedly that was a little dark for this blog, but I just found it so fascinating, especially since it’s a Chipotle-sponsored music video about factory farming … > Read More

  • 2013 Kogi Sliders

    TUSTIN, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. And other stuff.

    SUMMER IS PRACTICALLY OVER. This means school is finally in session — and with that, I’d like to introduce you to the fresh, winning faces of the Kogi Sliders for the 2013 soccer season. … > Read More

  • Kogi brownie


    First some mood music/entertainment: Aloha guys, I know, I know.  School’s out for the summer (and back in session for an unlucky few), but bear with me as we’ve got a couple of food … > Read More