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  • Mo Mole, Mo Love

    FIRST, SOME MOOD MUSIC: Hey loves! If you are caught between trying to catch some insane figure skating clips when is being downright stingy with ’em and sobbing because … > Read More

  • FROM THE FUTURE….(kinda)

    First, SOME MOOD MUSIC: Hey guys! So I’ve got 2 quickie announcements in regards to super cool EVENTS FROM THE FUTURE. Intrigued? And you should be. First of all, just letting you all know that … > Read More

  • New Year, New Specials

    FIRST SOME MOOD MUSIC: (I actually taped that Debeers commercial and would watch, rewind, repeat, watch, rewind, repeat just so I could squeeze as much lemon juice as I could out of that song. Yeah, … > Read More

  • UGLY SWEATERS this SATURDAY, ANYBODAY? + the Video Vomit

    FIRST, SOME MOOD MUSIC. Why? Because it’s an excellent choice in terms of combating the awful name for this awesome ugly sweater Christmas party in Burbank this Saturday (The 8th Annual … > Read More

  • THE KOGI HOLIDAY SCHEDULE + An Early Black Friday Gift(s?)

    First, some MOOD MUSIC: Okay. Is it just me, or does Devonte Hynes not remind you a rittle of Prince/Sade with a touch of hipster? It’s the total commitment to character, the incredible … > Read More

  • High 5

    First, some MOOD MUSIC: Hey guys, guess what? IT’S BEEN ABOUT 5 YEARS SINCE WE FIRST STARTED TWEETING. Look I even have proof. @kogibbq Congratulations, today is the day of your 5 years … > Read More

  • Thank you, Chinatown! + The Birth of the Kogi Taco

    First, some MOOD MUSIC. And I know that I am NOT the only one excited about the release of M.I.A.’s Matangi: Before we mosey onwards towards November, I do want to say a quick thank you to all … > Read More

  • dim sum mum mum… mum

    First, some MOOD MUSIC (I love how the video takes you all around the streets of L.A.): Second, for all those who still want to cosplay after this weekend but want to get back home at a reasonable … > Read More

  • we know what the rock is cooking…

    First, some mood music: And we interrupt this regularly scheduled program to let y’all know that: Yay, so happy to announce that Chego will be celebrating Halloween w/ Chinatown with a little … > Read More


    MOOD MUSIC: Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letter “D” for “DANCE” as well as “O” for all things “OCTUBRE.” I know, there is something … > Read More