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  • photo courtesy of Shirley Zhang's facebook page


    mood mewsic/clippie: Okie it’s less dark and crrrraaaaazy than a foray into the beautifully insane Selina Kyle nightscape reverie. In fact, it’s all kewt and daisies, but since October is … > Read More

  • cat cafe

    (=^・ω・^)y= L.A.’S 1ST CAT CAFE OPENING UP NEXT TO CHEGO!! <(*ΦωΦ*)>

    Okay. Not literally next to Chego. But a few doors down is pretty damn close enough!!! Hence, I miss cue the appropriate mewsic. (IT SHALL ALL MAKE SENSE IN A FUZZY MINUTE.) THIS OCTUBRE 2-5, Carlos … > Read More

  • LA CANVAS + One Santa Fe present Night Market

    FREE SH*T WEEK + Indie Entrepreneur Lady Love

    First, some moooood music: The lineup for Suupersonico is pretty freaking sick. Even better? It is taking place in our fair city of L.A. at the Shrine Expo Hall and grounds. Tickets can be found … > Read More

  • P1050197


    FIRST, some MOOD MUSIC I don’t know about y’all, but it’s been YEARS since I’ve enjoyed watching a music vidjeo this much. Kinda reminds me of the days when this old fogey … > Read More

  • Print

    L.A. Heat

    ROADIE MUSIC: I am in love with X priest X – I would say “lust,” but I think this feeling is real, guys. If you like the above, DO check out “Sophie K” if you want road … > Read More

  • sriracha bar


    MUSIC VIDJEO DROP: Golly gee Johnny, I super am enthralled with Kishi Bashi at the moment. (Wasn’t your favorite part when there was a whole ocean of Kishi Bashi fiddlers taking us to the … > Read More

  • P1040470

    Post-Paddy’s Day Special + Doppleganger?

    MUSIC VIDEO DROP: Aloha lovelies, Also, color me crazy, but I think Chego’s been attracting more and more Roy Choi dopplegangers. And I’ve caught one in the wild. Here’s the … > Read More

  • rupaul

    Mo Mole, Mo Love

    FIRST, SOME MOOD MUSIC: Hey loves! If you are caught between trying to catch some insane figure skating clips when is being downright stingy with ‘em and sobbing because … > Read More

  • yarp

    FROM THE FUTURE….(kinda)

    First, SOME MOOD MUSIC: Hey guys! So I’ve got 2 quickie announcements in regards to super cool EVENTS FROM THE FUTURE. Intrigued? And you should be. First of all, just letting you all know that … > Read More

  • chubby-3

    New Year, New Specials

    FIRST SOME MOOD MUSIC: (I actually taped that Debeers commercial and would watch, rewind, repeat, watch, rewind, repeat just so I could squeeze as much lemon juice as I could out of that song. Yeah, … > Read More