FLY TACOS, FLY: Welcome to L.A.


Hey Lovers – Kogi at LAX, Terminal 4 Opens Today

After 6 incredible years in the city, we’re super excited and proud to announce that we’ll be officially opening in Terminal 4 at LAX. Today. In Terminal 4. At 10AM.

muchas grashus, @rathandsome por foto!

muchas grashus, @rathandsome por foto!

We’re doing this.

That’s right. Now the first thing you can taste as soon as you arrive through American Airlines is that short rib taco. And no worries, Blackjack peoples. We’ve got you covered. All Kogi classics shall be there to greet you.

love and tacos to @bustravdave

love and tacos to @bustravdave

Anyone stumbling in from a red eye? Thank the gods of all that is good and true.

For the first time ever, we’ll be offering something to warm your belly in the morning.

Yes. Kogi for breakfast. Exclusive to T-4.

Love and tacos,

P.S.  Looking for next week’s hours? Circle back to our website for updates. Soonish.


5 Responses to FLY TACOS, FLY: Welcome to L.A.

  1. Deane says:

    Yes. So many delicious reasons to return to L.A.!

  2. Adrian agustin says:

    I cant even. Yyeeessssssssssss

  3. Happy says:

    Wow, I did not realize this is brand new. I had a layover at t4 today and everything tastes just as yummy as always.

  4. Ozzy says:

    can you get to lax terminal 4 kOGi frOm any other terminals behind security? I usually go through terminal 5 or 6

  5. brian says:

    I’m flying out of terminal 3. Can i get to this place after i go thru security at T3? Or is this before security at t4?

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