FREE SH*T WEEK + Indie Entrepreneur Lady Love

First, some moooood music:

The lineup for Suupersonico is pretty freaking sick. Even better? It is taking place in our fair city of L.A. at the Shrine Expo Hall and grounds.
line up supersonico
Tickets can be found HERE.


AND an update.

Head Shots-1
If you haven’t heard of Roy’s new CNN show, you’ve heard it here FIRST. (But if you have CNN, read Eater or have a pretty zeitgeisty Twitter feed, you’ve probably heard it for the 500th time. YES. People are excited about it. It will be about street food.)



First up, I bring you a most excellent (not just cuz we’re gonna stop by to feed you dinner) event in DTLA. Cuz, yorp, there are no tickets to buy, it’s free to attend. BECAUSE it’s in DTLA and thrown by LA Canvas and One Santa Fe, you can expect a crapload of creatives, adorable scenesters and laid-back, well-curated design.

LA CANVAS + One Santa Fe present Night Market

LA CANVAS + One Santa Fe present Night Market

For Future Brides, Grooms and Ladies Who Just Love Cute Sh*t – SO MUCH FREE SH*T THIS WEEK

Full disclosure – I’m totally helping out Happily with their social strategery this week. And by helping, I mean throwing rainbow-colored spaghetti on the wall and seeing how it sticks. And yes, they are totally awesome for letting me do that.

I know, it’s trippy, right? IT’S LIKE ALICE IS AT 2 PLACES AT THE SAME TIME.

That said, I love easy free sh*t, and I know how much my favorite Kogi Chego peoples love easy free sh*t.
DUDES – sorry, the $100 super sharp mens apparel set from The Grunion Run is TOTALLY OVER, but for everybody else, there are bigger badder prize packages at stake. Especially if you happen to be getting married.

tuesday giveaway
For lovers of the Lana del Rey cat eye, super new-to-the-block Beautilitarian‘s gifting a luxe $100 kit packed with full-sized MAC, MakeUpForever and Stila products. Felt like a little party? The Confetti Bar‘s throwing in $50 worth of Kardashian-riche, custom created confetti. So not only will yo make it rain in rainbow, you’ll be raining down your name, your personal hashtag or whatever else will delight and amaze your minions. Contest found HERE and runs til midnight. Now, GIT.

Okay, WHOSE friends are getting married and losing their damn minds (and tempers) over stewpid mason jar ideas and wedding colors? These people need to re-laaaaax. These people need a freaking wedding planner. The Weds giveaway on Instagram is HERE and is $250 worth of that good-good. The Friday giveaway is pretty much available on every damn Happily social feed (go HERE for details) and is offering the $3,000 super premium chocolate chunk with espresso ribbons of marshmallow wedding planner package. I’m not a wedding person, but I kind of have to say it’s pretty impressive.

As impressive as a #Manservant.

For those of you who are new to the concept of #Manservants, YOU ARE SO WELCOME. Who arrre these ladies and when are they getting their servants/employees/compliantbeautifulmen down to LA, where we could really use some love…?

Sorry, I am digressing! It is this above-90-degree heat that makes me very susceptible to fantasizing over things that Almost Exist in L.A.

Yes, yes, and there is something pretty free and $400 worth of bridal amazing and >.<-level of kewtness for people into $230 custom cake toppers and jadeite (JADEITE??!) cake stands and sh*t. Pinterest Queens should be allll over the Thursday giveaway like moss on an unrollable stone.

Hur, hur.

Anyway, it’s been SO DIFFERENT than what I’d originally expected working with female entrepreneurs these past few weeks. (Pinterest parties, emojis, encouragement hugs.) Not only are they as wonderfully empathic and supportive as Amy Poehler and Zooey Deschanel would have you believe, but they work beyond reasonable hours to Take Over the World and to give the way Kogi likes to give to their fans.

I work at a pretty male-oriented company. And I think it shows. I mean, people are often surprised it’s a girrrrrrl, ewwwww behind our “tha original muh-f*ckin taco truck” feed.

So you can only imagine my shell shock and surprise by the high level of encouragement and emoji-speak-exclamation-points-oh-my-god I’ve been subjected to as of late. (Ok, minus the Pinterest, working with lady bosses during my off hours – I know, when is Alice ever really “off” Kogi? – is EXACTLY everything I hoped it would be minus the Pinterest parties.) And you know what? I *really* liked it. It’s not Kogi, but it’s kinda…nice. ^___^

Guyz. We need to experience a world run by lady bosses. I swear to God, we are not going to regret it.

Super cool and FREE Night Market event that we’re rolling to? Run by a lady. Hugest collective of wedding planners in the state of California? Run by a lady. And the next business venture I want to give a little love to? Also run by ladies.

Okay, so we all know Coolhaus. We know that they have taken over the country in their pink and butter knife-colored ice cream trucks and have conquered the ice cream shelves of Whole Foods. Those ladies. Well, apparently they’ve started their own cocktail company that needs a little kickstart. They have a goal of $35,000 and are roughly $17,000 short. :*( They have 3 DAYS left. LET’S HELP THEM.


Their product? A nostalgic college-era favorite without the trashy memories and crappy alcohol. (JUST SAY NO TO POPOV, PEOPLE. EVEN IN JUNGLE JUICE. And WHY ARE YOU STILL DRINKING JUNGLE JUICE???)

Just clean, pocketable, easy-to-sneak-into-Coachella organic jelly shots in fancy-but-not-pretentious cocktail flavors. While I do not condone medicating your problems with alcohol, I do think there are occasions that call for a pick-me-up and OH MY GOD, WHY DO I SOUND LIKE THEY ARE PAYING ME TO SAY THIS WHEN THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY NOT? I just really adore them, their gumption and their audacity to show us how far a pair of smart, business-savvy ladies can make it in this male-dominated industry.

Be a dear. Kickstart them HERE.


Love and tacos,

P.S. Is it TMI to tell you that I am currently in the throes of Shark Week and am currently enamored with ladies who make sh*t happen?


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