I don’t know about y’all, but it’s been YEARS since I’ve enjoyed watching a music vidjeo this much. Kinda reminds me of the days when this old fogey really had fun with her MTV.

OKAY, so I know that it’s been blazing at 80 degrees and above since, like, March, but I’d like to announce that summer is formerly here, and that I am so ready to kick back with some sangria and lounge by some chic swimming pool that Refinery29 would approve of.

On the food front, it looks like everything will be most awesome.


To kick of summer — and to show our deep love and appreciation for the local community who’s made our transition into Chinatown amazing and successful, we wanted to offer you some daily combos that are as follows:


In true Chego fashion, no substitutions may apply ALMOST EVER (in other words, y’all who want to substitute your Chinese broccoli with your handpicked watercress and want steamed free trade barley picked by koalas in lieu of rice, we will not be having it, uh, uh. Not even the more ‘reasonable’ blokes who ask for prime rib instead of chicken with the garlic mole instead of the salsa verde, and could we please do the eggs over-hard and have the radishes come only half-pickled this time? thanks? Uh uh.) — you get what you get and you don’t get upset.

But, seriously, who can be upset when you can fall into a happy food coma for $16 and under? I am just saying…

IN ANY CASE, if, for some reason, you’re still in doubt of our love for you, I’d like to give you a little heads’ up on our Summer Siesta Hours.

Starting June 20th, from 3-6PM, all you college kids coming home or white collar women and men who are taking a half-day-cuz-it’s-summer-goddammit, we’d like to give you something to celebrate the now-blazing-90-degree-temperatures with.

You know those ooey gooey, beer-battered fries? The ones smothered in melting cheddar and jack cheeses before being crowned by a cool and spicy sour cream sambal sauce, only to then be studded with pickled garlic, cilantro and a shower of cotija cheese?



Those Fries.

Well, if you order a non-combo bowl at full price, you get those fries for absolutely free.

Cuz it’s summer, loves, and tis the season. Now you can never say that we never loved you.

So, to recap: Siesta Hours and Combos start this Friday, June 20th. Curbside pickup in-store for you busy bees on-the-go shall also be available. Just call in, order, and call in again whilst coming to a rolling stop in front of Far East Plaza when you’ve arrived to pick up.


(photo courtesy of LA Weekly)

If we’re talking about rice bowls, I’m going to have to talk about tacos. 1 – because the trucks would get jealous. 2 – tacos are the hallowed food of LA summer, in case y’all didn’t know. Which is why I wanted to give you a head’s up on Tacolandia, the annual (now) DTLA Bill Esparza-curated event of the top 40 taquerias and taco trucks serving LA County.

And tickets start at only $20 and can be bought HERE. Jes. Only twenty goddamn dollars.

I know, I know — as far as food festivals go, those tickets are — in the words of my ecstatic Korean grandmother — “SO CHEEEAP!!” >__< And the food you're going to town on will be just stellar. (Please remember to Lyft or Uber in the event that you’ll be partaking in festivities held in the Tequila Garden.)

Will we be there? [insert sad face emoji] Though we did get the invite, Kogi is unable to make it happen this year. BUT it sincerely has our seal of approval. And we don’t give those out to just anybody.

Bistro LQ, Carnitas El Momo, Chichen Itza, Colonia Taco Lounge, Coni’Seafood, Don Chente Bar & Grill, Flautas, George’s at the Cove, Mariscos Jalisco, SoHo Taco and SOL Cocina are just to name a few of the headliners of 2014’s Tacolandia, a hedonistic sprawl of what makes L.A. County so damn fantastic in the throes of summer.

WHEN: Saturday, June 28, from 3-7 p.m. at El Pueblo de Los Angeles downtown


photo courtesy of LA Weekly. (I think.)

photo courtesy of LA Weekly. (I think.)

Now you know we love us some Chinatown (see: Chego!), and as evidenced by the presence of Chinatown Summer Nights, the iconic LA neighborhood is bearhugging us back.

WHERE: 943 – 951 N. Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90012 (Central and West Plazas)

And if you missed out on it last Saturday, do not fret. 2nd Saturdays of July (12th) and August (9th), from 5PM-midnight, they’re throwing a few parties in the midst of LA summer lovin-g. Thar shall be live DJs. Thar shall be street food. Thar shall be those cute rittle local designers/vendors set ups you see but twice a year at places like Unique L.A. Craft beers will also be joining us on both nights. It’s kind of a no brainer.

And the best part is that IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. And, unless you live on a Bunny Ranch, that’s exactly how love ought to be. Absolutely.

Love and tacos,



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