Golly gee Johnny, I super am enthralled with Kishi Bashi at the moment. (Wasn’t your favorite part when there was a whole ocean of Kishi Bashi fiddlers taking us to the orchestral bridge?) They are my happy drugs. You know he’s actually coming to LA in May?

sriracha bar

So, In Case Y’all Did Not Know:
the Sriracha Bar hath returneth. TODAY. As in, you can get one or ten as soon as the lunch hour hits at Chego and on the trucks. Yayyyy! We survived The Great Sriracha Drought of ’14!

For Those Of You Who Need A Reminder: it’s a layer of crisped rice in dark chocolate, smooth Sriracha ganache, liquid caramel and candied nuts spiced in cinnamon and cayenne before being enrobed in a thick cocoon of dark chocolate again.

There’s a reason why people stock up on half a dozen before they return to the east coast, or have it travel all the way back home to London and Melbourne.

…speaking of which, here are TWO vidjeos combining two of my favorite Ozzie things: Melbourne and Natalie Tran.

photo courtesy of Aaron Smith at

photo courtesy of Aaron Smith at

PLUS, did anyone catch that Nas piece that just went up yesterday? In case you didn’t, it’s HERE. And in case you want the Cliff Note’s run down of things I learned, it’s this:

* There is coconut water in Nas’s fridge. (Was I the only one surprised by this one?)
* Total womanist.
* He invests heavily in Sillicon Valley.
* When he was younger, he used to make his own comic books.
* He has a super power. (SPOILER: he can sees the future.)

It’s a long piece, but totally worth it because it covers everything: history, philosophy, entrepreneurship, turkey sandwiches and how to stay at the top of your game. And this week, it’s my gift to you.

Love and tacos,

P.S. Want to feel your heart exploding marshmallow fluff and squee? >.<
I should refrain from ever visiting the motherland. I fear I may not be able to stop myself from kidnapping this happy sploodge of sunshine, giggles and determination. And that would be bad. Very bad. And criminal, mind you.



  1. gabe says:

    I will die if this is an April fools joke

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