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I am in love with X priest X – I would say “lust,” but I think this feeling is real, guys. If you like the above, DO check out “Sophie K” if you want road trip friendly music with a strong case of the feels.

Ah, what the heck. I’ll make it easy for you all. Because I love you.

Their EP just dropped. Now if only their LP was just around the corner…

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

So guys, we are figuring that the best way to deal with the remnant purple and pastel clouds of debauchery that was Coachella Weekend #2, Easter Sunday and 4-20 is to add a little heat to our condiments section at Chego. In case your upperclassmen never taught you this back in college, hot sauce and heavy comfort food is the best way to remove alchie stomach and brainfog.

And don’t tell me that you weren’t double-fisting mimosas this past Easter Sunday to help you come down from all that molly…or to prep you for your favorite blunts later that evening. Don’t. I mean it. Just let me sit back in my 3×3 windowless cubicle and just project this vision of L.A. irreverence upon thee. It’s all I’ve got.

tapatio-25 (new)

Aren’t they pretty?

And just in time to usher in another wave of awesome, come this Cinco de Mayo.

Much love and hotsauce,

P.S. I know they’re beautiful, but TRY not to steal too many of them. “Try” being the operating word…

P.P.S. This post was totally unsponsored by corporate cash moneys, though they were kind enough to drop off a case of their finest this season. Longtime followers of the blog already know this, but I just wanted to make sure ALL YOU GUYS KNOW THIS.

P.P.P.S. And don’t cry, West Side. You know, Alibi Room’s still the only place on this planet that servers Kogi and Chego side by side, all whilst offering you the possibility of washing it down with a tall glass of Korean sunshine.

Alibi Room from on Vimeo.


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