Post-Paddy’s Day Special + Doppleganger?


Aloha lovelies,

Also, color me crazy, but I think Chego’s been attracting more and more Roy Choi dopplegangers. And I’ve caught one in the wild.

Here’s the photographic evidence:

P1040302 P1040305

Yay? Nay? Tell me if I’m totally off.

Also, the moment you’ve been waiting for, for some post-St. Paddy’s day celebration: The East Los Leprechaun Burrito. Since Koreans and the Irish seem to have a common affection for cabbage, potatoes and boiled beef, Roy thought he might go exploring in creating something warmhearted and lucky that expresses that commonality.

P1040409 P1040461

WITH THE COMBINED POWERS OF GOOGLE and a really great cameraman, I bring you what is essentially a luscious movie trailer for our new Kogi special:

Carne asada, potatoes, caramelized kimchi and all that pulverized leprechaun. ONLY on the trucks this week. (sorry, Alibi Room!)

Love and tacos,


2 Responses to Post-Paddy’s Day Special + Doppleganger?

  1. Vince says:

    Asian dudes looking like ROy choi, Dating hot white girls. Thanks roY.

  2. mornei says:

    aint no lookalike, just dressing like him

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