Mo Mole, Mo Love


Hey loves!

If you are caught between trying to catch some insane figure skating clips when is being downright stingy with ’em and sobbing because you’ve become disenchanted with the sea of red plastic and artificially heart-shaped boxes of bad candy that have taken over your local CVS, then we’ve got something to turn that frown upside down.

I present with you a visual representation of our special, CHILAQUILES.

yay for camera phones!

yay for camera phones!

…which will be replaced once my brother, the photog, has the chance to snap one in great lighting.

Tortillas, chicken, softly scrambled eggs, warm mole, melting cheese and salsa verde all for $7. So yes, it turns out you can put a price on love. And no, it doesn’t have to cost you a million dollars.

ALSO, before I get into my Awesome Vidjeos of the Week, might I take a moment to highlight some of my favorite @kogibbq tweets? Yes. They were so sweet, creepy or downright lovely that I had to show them some love this week.

Yes, we could all use more unicorn food – speaking of which, has anyone found anything particularly magical in the L.A. area? It’s been a while since my appetite has been amazed and enchanted. If so (and if it’s so totally not Kogi-related), please do tweet it to my super secret Twitter feed HERE. And speaking of Twitter, I do love all of the above tweets SO MUCH >.<, the way a weird ole lady loves all frightened, newborn kittens SO MUCH >.<. In fact, I shall follow back anybody who tweets something particularly strange/luls/lols/unusually awesome our way just so that I may receive more of my brain's morning cuppa joe (jes, the tweeters). Because more is more in my world unless it is less.

ALSO, before I get into the vidjeos, a shout out to the artist I am currently fangirling over named Noel Cruz, whom you can follow HERE. And I’m not kidding on the fangirling. I tweeted at him several times in the span of 4 seconds to gush about how enamored I was with his work. (To which he responded by not responding to my excessive intensity and kindly refrained from filing a Twitter restraining order against me.)

What he does it takes boring old Mattel dolls and repaints and dresses them to the nines. It’s actually Madame Tassaud’s-level ish, he’s not playing.

image courtesy of Jezebel.

image courtesy of Jezebel.

if we could turn back taaa-ahm.

if we could turn back taaa-ahm.

be still, my heart. this is the dollhouse party to end all dollhouse parties, y'all.

be still, my heart. this is the dollhouse party to end all dollhouse parties, y’all.

Ok, I promise I'll stop now -- but aren't they amazing? And yes, that's Bruce Lee!!!

Ok, I promise I’ll stop now — but aren’t they amazing? And yes, that’s Bruce Lee!!!

And onwards toward the vidjeos, my loves!

The Eastern Sierra – Evosia Timelapse Workshop Film from Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia on Vimeo.

And I couldn’t find a way to embed this, so I’ll just redirect you guys to HERE. It’s 15-year-old Yulia Lipnitskaya’s gold medal “You Don’t Give Up On Love” and I swear to God, after you watch this moving performance, you never shall again. She really is the petite unicorn of figure skaters, and you’ll have to watch it to believe it.

Love and unicorns,


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  1. Seanie Boy says:

    I’ve been waiting for the day we would see CHILAQUILES!

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