Hey guys!

So I’ve got 2 quickie announcements in regards to super cool EVENTS FROM THE FUTURE. Intrigued? And you should be.

First of all, just letting you all know that we are working on parking our truck outside LA Weekly’s The Essentials. Y’know, the 6th Annual Food and Wine Festival at LA Mart in DTLA. It’s kind of a big deal. To show you how bit, lemme show you a screen shot of all the bit LA names that will be feeding you at the festival:


And let us not forget about the bevy of wines that shall be available to inebriate you into a pleasant, springtime stupor.

When? Sunday March 9th, 2014 from 12 pm to 5 pm.

Does that sound a little too far away to commit to? Well, let me help you get that ring on your finger and let you in on a little tip: this is definitely a soiree that sells out quicker than a Beyonce Mrs. Carter Tour. Why? Aside from the endless ritzy wines, it’s a pretty well-curated list of restaurants ranging from the big icons to the best mom and pops to some of the most on-trend food stops in LA county. And we Angelenos love our trends as much as as love our long arse lines.

Plus, you can feel magnanimous for a day, knowing that a portion of your ticket sale will have gone to a local charity. Which charity? WE HAVE NO IDEA!!! But knowing LA Weekly, they’ll find one that’s in need, culturally-relevant and very on-point with what it’s doing.

Anyway, this is where you might run into your first problem: the tickets are not yet for sale.

SOLUTION: You can actually register now HERE with the presale code of KBBQ. Our charming and very good-looking friends at LA Weekly shall give you first access to tickets to the event. (Hurry, cuz ticket sales go from private to public this Friday.)

And here is where you might run into your second problem: you’re on the fence because you are just anticipating the uber long lines and being unable to carry more than 2 mini plates at a time while sloshing around wine. Next thing you know, you’ve been waiting for 45 minutes and only downed 3 appetizer sized portions of heaven.

Well, stay tuned. Because the week before the big event, I’m putting together a short guide on the Kogi blog on How To Master The Food Festival circuit. Really, if you think you can just waltz in whenever you like and dine like a king, YOUWILLBEPWNED.

As a gal who’s attended and worked at quite a few, I know how to make the best of my time there and strategize how to get what I want without dying in a mosh pit of hungry people.


coming soon to a Chinatown near you.


To help raise money for our friends at Castelar Elementary School, we’d like to encourage you to get tickets to a pretty cool concert in Chinatown this February 9 at Human Resources LA at 3PM. You can get them HERE for $12 or wait to buy them at the door for $15. Guests shall include Money Mark, Channel 3, Hector Penalosa of The Zeros, w/ Baja Bugs and Special guests include DJ Adam Bomb and DJ Kchung Radio.

See you there, yeah?

Love and tacos,

P.S. I think this NYC-based French-language (i think?) music vidjeo is FASCINATING and eerie. But if you beg to differ, you can always holler at me about it here.

BOGGIE – NOUVEAU PARFUM (official music video) from THE SOUP on Vimeo.


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