High 5

First, some MOOD MUSIC:

Hey guys, guess what?


Curious to see how our first tweets looked?

2008-11-21 Just finished tasting. Thx to evry1 who came out 2nite. For those who couldn’t make it, we hope to see you next week in Hollywoodland!
2008-11-21 Finishing the website up! Can’t wait! Thanks @mikeprasad for the help!
2008-11-22 All service men eat free @ Kogi 2nite. Police, Medics, firemen, etc.
2008-11-24 Chef Roy Choi has been cooking all day to come up with a tasty new special. Come out to taste it this Wednesday. We’ll keep you posted.
2008-12-04 ATTN Kogi Lovers: Our general location schedule is up on (right side column), but as always, check twitter for specific details!
2008-12-04 Sold Out@UCLA. Be back@10:30
2008-12-05 Running a bit late. Be at UCLA by 8:30
2008-12-05 Tonight’s Special – Sesame Leaf Vegan Taco with Asian Pear and Pomegranite.
2008-12-05 Sold out for the night. See you tomorrow!
2008-12-07 Today’s Special – Kogi BBQ Pork Hot Dog with Homemade Korean Ketchup
2008-12-11 Our Special Tonight: Porkbelly and Pickled Green Onion Sandwich with Fresh Satsuma Mandarins
2008-12-12 Tonight’s special! Korean Palenta made with Mung Beans
2008-12-13 Sorry guys at The Brig. Silverlake blead us dry. Will be running late to restock. Expect us @ The Brig around 12:30 am
2009-01-09 Just Roy, Mark, and me-Eric on the truck. Reminiscing our humble beginnings…
2009-01-12 most of Kogi is congregated in my ma’s living room watching KBS… whiLst Alice is stranded in BrookLyn. with cheddar bacon beer soup. =)
2008-12-13 2 Specials 2nite. Special Tofu Salad with Satsuma Mandarins and Our Own Salad Mix. We also have a Kimchi Quesadilla With Sesame Leaves
2009-01-16 @najicaloves – last time we went to an indie art night the cops chased us away! we is scared!
2009-01-16 Specials 4 2nite. Acorn Jelly Vegan Taco, Cheese Taco w Habanero Avocado Salsa, Kogi Dog, and by popular demand, our Famous Korchata

The first 3 months were pretty much the wild, wild west on our Twitter feed. Apparently we didn’t know how to spell, there are 4 different people tweeting all over our Twitter feed (schizophrenia, much?) and we were much too much in love with exclamation points. But it’s kind of cool looking back and seeing our old Kogi specials and the birth of the Kogi Dog.

Plus, it was HELLA HARD tracking us down, seeing that we hadn’t even started with a functioning website and were constantly changing locations due to unexpected run-ins with the law. Super really, our first customers? Y’all are mutherfrakking champions.

pinata happy day

Not only that, we’ve reached another milestone:

Over 5k friends on Facebook. Which is pretty HUGE, considering I traveled through high school with less than 2 of them. And one of them was imaginary. Granted they’re not really MY friends, but a gal can dream, can’t she? ::dreams::

Friend Limits

In any case, even with all those other fake Kogi BBQ pages, we still managed to hit 5,000 of you guys reaching out to us and telling us you want us to take our relationship PUBLIC.

THIS comes with good and bad news.

The good news is that this is a most excellent self esteem booster. ^___^

The bad news is that Facebook has informed us that we’ve exceeded our friend limit and cannot add anymore people unless we chose to unfriend some others. And that just sounds, well, cruel and unusual.

So if we don’t accept your friend request, just know that it does not mean that we love you any less or that we find your FB feed less than amazing. THAT said, you can totally feel free to like and follow our fan page right HERE. I know, not the same, but it most definitely covers the bare minimum of your Facebooking necessities.

hgh five

Anyway, knowing that we’re reaching our 5th birthday in a couple of weeks, having reached 5,000 friends on Facebook and having just celebrated our 5th anniversary on Twitter, it’s making me wax all kinds of nostalgic for a taco truck that started out with almost no money, lots of free labor and your amazing and most nurturing support that kickstarted us into existence.

Speaking of which, I wanted to pay it forward and feature my top 3 favorite kickstarters of the moment:


For whom? All the feminist gamers who love their historic rom com RPGs. Color me included!

Highlights: in lieu of guns, you’ve got gossip as your main weapons, and instead of full-out MMO war, we’ve got extravagant balls. Seriously, let’s all pledge, you guys! I’ve never quite seen a game like this one, where the high brow meets the low brow and it has a very strong pro-woman and literary bent. AND as a bonus, they already have a prototype version of the game up for you all to try out!

This is for all the struggling filmmakers in L.A. who want to see their indie flicks come true.

Highlights: high levels of experience and the giving of a whole new level of meaning to “shoestring budget.” I mean, if you look at the breakdown of the costs, the filmmakers aren’t even paying themselves. When it comes to funding indie film projects, I love when passion meets experienced talent. It’s so hard to get a legitimate film together these days, so let’s give ’em a little love, yeah?

COBURNS – iPad Stand

For all the design + tech heads who want something affordable, stylish and simple.

Highlights: Wasn’t that an awesome Kickstarter vidjeo? I thought it was most excellent! And I don’t even own an iPad/tablet. I just love its simplicity, design and customizable functionality. And at only $19 with a promise to deliver by Christmas, this is the perfect Kickstarter buy for the holidays. I know. I sound like their PR person. I should stop. Really. But no, let’s support these guys, too!

In unrelated news, has anyone seen the feminist recruitment campaign for a Catholic private school for ladies?


I was kind of impressed…!

Speaking of being impressed, just ONE LAST vidjeo of an upcoming Korean drama that is all kinds rom com and food porn. Basically it’s about a core group of 4 good-looking singles who all turn into salivating animals when it comes to food. The series is called “LET’SH EAT!” Spelling mistake intentional.

Translation courtesy of Dramabeans:
He’s also the one sitting alone at a table in the teaser above, drooling over the sight of meat on the grill as the caption reads, “I came alone, and therefore…” He looks over at a couple chowing down and looks crushed at the sign “Minimum order: 2 people.” His caption finishes, “…I met my life’s greatest disappointment. Then as the tagline floats onscreen asking “Are you eating alone?” a woman’s hand taps his shoulder, and his face lights up. Cuuuuute.

And, cuz I can’t help myself, BONUS ROUND of teasers:

Love and tacos,


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  1. Seanie Boy says:

    Looks like the anniversary is Ripe for a $5 deal???

  2. Seanie Boy says:

    or maybe just shoot me an air-five from the west side over here to the east!

  3. Angie nakamoto says:

    Congratulations on this milestone! You are the pioneers of the tweeting trucks, revolutionizing the marketing and food world. here’s to you! been following y’all from the beginning.

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