SUMMER IS PRACTICALLY OVER. This means school is finally in session — and with that, I’d like to introduce you to the fresh, winning faces of the Kogi Sliders for the 2013 soccer season.

2013 Kogi Sliders WINNERS

Look at those future champions. Yes, before the bright lights, endorsement deals and rumors of bad behavior, they all pretty much look like this: healthy, earnest and ready to win.

Long live the Kogi Sliders!

So right now we’re in that lag period in between all the coolest summer events in L.A. winding down and the new season of television is winding up. (Some might argue, “But Alice! There’s Dexter! You love Dexter!” LOVED would be the operative word, folks. I don’t know, between Breaking Bad and Dexter, there is only so much Dark Discontents of a Haunted Dude’s Soul that my Millenial, nyancat poptart spirit animal can take. And don’t even get me started on Boardwalk Empire and GIRLS. It’s like the running theme for cable television writing is now “bleak, bleak w/ a touch of despair!” I don’t mind protags going dark, but there’s got to be some kind of point of human revelation. They should really hire Ronald D. Moore for that one. I think he did a great job with BSG.)

My remedy will be a whole lotta Rebel, Mindy and Zooey come this fall. By the way — am I the only one pumped for Super Fun Night? (Yes, yes, the pilot’s getting mixed reviews, but then I think about how much I hated New Girl when it first came out. In other words, I’mma give Rebel a multitude of chances. Like, 5 of them! It’s her first TV show, after all.)

Also to help fill in the vacuum and the void of the next tired, impossibly-hot stretches weeks til October finally gets here, I’ve provided the coolest, most refreshing vidjeo clips and music selections to tide us over:

In case you missed this on our Twitter feed, Ylvis is a genius and I. CANNOT. STOP. WATCHING. THIS.

3 Reasons:
1) “Fish go blub.”
2) Rhymes “morse” with “horse.”
3) When he takes it to the bridge.

P.S. Curious about what sound a fox actually makes? Click HERE. You’re welcome.

P.P.S. How do you rhyme “technology” with “high” and “today”?

Don’t even pretend you didn’t wish you had tickets to the Mrs. Carter tour.


…though, I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by enough awkward, nice people to have to nice-fight for who gets to hold the door open for everybody else.

AND, as an added bonus, now that we’re moving into fall, we shall be transitioning over from asparagus to grilled zucchini at Chego. (picture forthcoming.)

In need of food porn? I thought you’d never ask:

Yes, the Kogi Wet Burrito with warm mole and onions on the outside and a cool shot of salsa verde on the inside is still on special for $7 on the trucks as well as the $5 Grilled Cheezy Wheezy — cheddar, peanut butter and caramelized bananas. One bite and you’ll know why there’s a cult following.

Love and tacos,

P.S. AS mentioned in the title — TUSTIN we are coming to your neighborhood this week! Don’t say we never listen to the tweeted shout outs and emailed requests.


2 Responses to TUSTIN, WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. And other stuff.

  1. Tustin woot! time to introduce my former neighbors (who don’t know how to cross into irvine) the awesome world of kogi.

  2. Ron samaco says:

    We love the kogi truck! 🙂 Go kogi sliders (fullerton rangers soccer)!

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