First, some MOOD MUSIC:

Okay, admittedly that was a little dark for this blog, but I just found it so fascinating, especially since it’s a Chipotle-sponsored music video about factory farming starring the haunting voice of Fiona Apple singing the Willy Wonka “Pure Imagination” song.

So, I just wanted to do a brief(ish) shout out to our Santa Monica stop at Yahoo! Center at Broadway and 26th. Why? Well, partly because it’s, well, Yahoo! And, as controversial as Marissa Mayer may be, there have been quite a few nifty changes under its belt since she’s been crowned queen.

1) Flickr. (with upgrades!)
2) Tumblr.
3) Super cool content (can way say YES to Losing It With John Stamos? Uncle Jesse, have mercy.)
3) The logo redesign.



I must admit, there was a time in the 2000’s when I looked that that really dated ya-hoo Yahoo! logo and thought, “Just DIE already. You’re irrelevant!” And I’m totally cool with admitting I was wrong to say that, especially when I know that a brand refresh and personality reinvention is not only possible, but really cool to watch from the sidelines.


I’ve really been impressed by what it’s accomplished as a company in terms of cultural relevance and improving how it serves its current and future clients, and, who knows? Having made these giant leaps in a little under a year, I super look forward to what Yahoo! has to offer in the next year or two. And, while it’s not about buying up cool stuff, but it’s also the effort and focus in making it even cooler and more relevant for today’s ADD-riddled audience.

In other words (lemme attempt to tie this back to Kogi), we always loved serving Santa Monica outside the Yahoo! Center, and now we just want to give props to what Yahoo!’s achieved in the past year. In other words, thanks for letting us park relatively out front and for supporting Kogi on the west side for the past few years.

In other news — yay!! We got voted in the top 3 for best food trucks in Orange County in the OC Register. While Abby Lee Miller’s been known to say, “SECOND PLACE IS THE FIRST TO LOSE!” ::stank face::, we’ll totally take 2nd in a heartbeat. Sandwiched between Seabirds and Lime Truck, we’re in great company. Much love to all of Orange County for consistently voting us into the top 3 for the past 4 years. Love you guys!! (( H U G ))


In OTHER news, with the crazy response to the Kogi Rocky Road Brownie, all chocolate awesomeness with crushed candied almonds and marshmallow ganache folded into the mix (I know, I must do better than a camera phone pic), we’ll be hauling these super sweet babies on over to the Alibi Room in Culver City. TONIGHT. For those who can’t choose between great beer, tacos, rice bowls and something to satisfy that sweet spot, it’s a total no-brainer. It’s a wasteland of Kogi-Chego goodness.

As for Chego, we gots new special. I’ve hinted at it weeks ago. BAM.

Welcome the Sweet Tiny’s Plate. A bar of crisply griddled coconut sticky rice, chili garlic paste, slices of prime rib, creamed horseradish and a touch of sesame and Sriracha, the happy mashup of the Tiny’s Prime Rib Rice Plate and the Pina Krackalada.$10. Kid-tested, Alice approved. It’s everything you’d thought it would be. And more.

RANDOM: While it annoys me that he seems to detest Spam, I do enjoy Another Goddamn Food Blog. Particularly his glorious entry on cooking with cat food. Yes. Of the wet variety. The biggest f*ck you to pretentious food-douchey-blogs with their $1,200 cameras, their $700 lenses and their snooty bragging of what cool restaurant they managed to get a sponsored meal at. It’s great!

By the way, is anybody else going to check out the Grace Kelly biopic starring Nicole Kidman? Like Nicole Kidman’s own brand, I’m sure it shall bespeak of elegance, grace and a beautiful state of inexplicable dissatisfaction.

Love and tacos,

P.S. This is titled “Existentialist Bummer,” but I find it functions to the opposite of that effect.

P.P.S. As it turns out, this pic was a total fake.

Still, I totally would not have been surprised if it were real, because, let’s face it, Hello Kitty is the happy whore of Sanrio. She is the luxe and trashy Paris Hilton of Japanese culture abroad. She will say yes to just about ANYTHING and be laughing on her way to the bank.


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  1. Seanie Boy says:

    Need that dish!

  2. cmq says:

    found you via stats, god your food looks amazing

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