Friends, Strangers and Speech, Speech

First, some MOOD music. And the internet should totally upvote this song. Because it’s about cats.

SOOOOO… I’m hoping to make a new friend this week.

Photos: Biz Urban Photography for DailyCandy

Photos: Biz Urban Photography for DailyCandy

In this case… a Donut Friend. They just opened up on that strip on York next to Scoops and feature a Pinkberry/Coldstone-like controlled customization of what you’d like to be injected into, glazed over or showered upon your donut of choice.


And for people who are paralyzed by too many choices, there is a menu of goodness. One friend I am stalking in particular is the GG Almond, which features Gruyere and honey stuffed inside a donut, showered with toasted almonds and a lotta glaze. In the Jets to Basil, you can expect goat cheese, strawberry jam, and fresh basil INSIDE a traditional donut, glazed with sugar and a balsamic reduction. So yes, Donut Friend.


I believe that you have found a friend in me. (HE’S GETTING DIGESTED IN MAH BELLY.) And you can follow them HERE.

Over on Team Coco’s feed, Louis CK is garnering a lot of praise and flack for his stance against giving his small, impressionable children smart phones.

If you missed it, that’s what I’m here for — to inject this post with the best stuff you missed 5 days ago. And if you watched it, watch it again. When’s the next time you shall see two moderately tall red heads full of funny and win?


I know. It sounds like the title of another M. Night Shyamalan movie: The Cookening, wherein which the audience is invited to attend an eerie dinner party bursting at the seams with secrets, undercover ALIENS and little leprechauns, only to discover that WE are the secrets, undercover aliens and little leprechauns. O__O – ! And fin.

Brilliant, I know. He should hire me on as a ghostwriter. (I’m desperately available!) But an even more brilliant concept is this: host a dinner party in your home and have vividly strange and friendly dinner guests pay for the ingredients.

Let’s say you were the hosting your own Aarti’s Party or channeled a hipsterfied version of Martha Stewart and was just ACHING to throw a brilliantly curated meal with people who ARE SO NOT YOUR FRIENDS. You charge a price per person, set a limit and put it up on Cookening. And if you’re on the lookout for an interesting meal, you can look one up in your neighborhood and peruse the testimonials from past dinner guests to ensure the most excellent of choices.

That’s the idea, anyway.


It seems like this idea is much more popular in Europe than it is Stateside — speaking of which, we’ve got ZERO cookening happenings in Los Angeles, and 2 thrown by happy hipsters in Brooklyn and one in Hornell, New York. I’ve never even HEARD of Hornell, New York, and they are throwing together a Cookening! Los(t) Angeles! We need to represent. STAT. And if I could boil water, I would gladly delight and amaze fellow Angelenos and travelers with a dinner of bacon wrapped Pop Tarts (I’ll call it Millenial Dessert) and ketchup tuna casserole (it tastes better than it sounds)!

Last but not least is Roy Chulo Choi’s much-talked-about-talk from Copenhagen a few weeks back.

YES it’s been filmed and YES we’re ready to share it with you.

Love and tacos,

P.S. A bizarre but totally true story of what’s going down with the mega wealthy 1% in China.


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