Squish and Destroy Chego East, New Chego West Bowl, Best Homages to Best of 2013 TV and moh.

FIRST, SOME MOOD MUSIC (I thought the vid was perfect, what, with World War Z coming up…)

Hi all,
Before we get into the nitty gritty of today’s AWESOME POST, I just wanted to put in a few reminders of last week’s many, many announcements/changes. And by many, many, I mean 2 or 3.


As mentioned in the last blog post, the recent Twitter updates and on Facebook, we are slowly easing our way into the Alibi Room in Culver City. Thus far, we’ve got 3 bowls to offer you: The Sour Cream Hen House, The Pacman Bowl and the Miss Tofu-T Bowl (not to be confused for the 90’s much-beloved Toffuti ice cream sammiches.)

Yes, you heard me. The Pacman Bowl. The stoniest Kogi-Chego mashup since, well, ever. Which is pretty damn impressive.

the pacman bowl chego at alibi

the pacman bowl chego at alibi

What’s in it: 2 scoops of rice, wok-seared chicken, double-caramelized short rib and our classic spicy pork with melting cheddar and jack cheeses, mayo, fresh herbs and chilies. Creamy, cheesy and satisfying in the worst way. And only available at the Alibi Room.

As for the ladies and gents who want to lean away from the sour cream and cheesy goodness, we introduce the Miss Tofu T Bowl.

miss tofu T bowl Chego

What’s in it:caramelized kimchi, veggies, fresh herbs, scrambled egg and fried rice. Also, only available at the Alibi Room.

Dinner hours start at 5:30PM and last until midnight, 12236 Washington Blvd., 90066, Mon-Sat.

Just a mini fist bump of a reminder of our new Chinatown Chego East hours:

11am – 11pm Tues – Saturday
11am – 9pm Sunday (Delivery ’til 8:30PM)
Closed on Mondays

What can we say? We like to enjoy our lazy Sundays and call it a night at a reasonable hour. But we’re still open ’til 11PM Tues-Saturday.

IN RELATED NEWS — CHEGO: JGold and Evan Kleiman Approved!

::thumbs up::

So here’s something I listened to yesterday that gave me a case of the warm fuzzies. What I love is that when they talk about Chego, when they talk about the Squish and Destroy sammich, they talk about it all like they really get what we’re doing.

Chego East: Onwards, Good Men, and Squish and Destroy…

squish and destroy sandwich chego
Mmmm… how good does that look? And lemme tell you about how good it tastes. 2 pieces of grilled La Brea Bakery ciabatta bread, garlic ssamjjang schmear, a generous glob of sour cream sambal and our fatty, juicy, sticky-sweet-crisp-on-the-out-side slabs of Berkshire pork belly.
squish and destroy sandwich chego

Only available at the Chinatown Chego location.

KINDA/SORTA RELATED, but not really…

I thought this piece on the most iconic food photos of all time was an uber cool trip through history. Yes, Roy Chulo Choi contributed near the end for the bonus round, but even without the contribution, I still found it fascinating. The rest of the piece can be found HERE.

And to close it all off, let us celebrate the end of a great season in TV with some hilarious homages to Game of Thrones, GIRLS and Breaking Bad. Two of them travel awesomely back in time and one takes a tired, concerted leap forward.

Game of Thrones 1995 Opening Credits

— like it was reimagined by the team Behind Hercules, Xena and the best of the 90s Action Adventure Series. (My apologies to all who are Game of Thrones-ed-Out for the summer. But this one is really WORTH it. I swear!)

Breaking Bad

— via the 80’s/90’s Family Sitcom. Small Wonder, Growing Pains and Facts of Life couldn’t have done it any better.


–while I wasn’t a fan of the show in 2013, this GIRLS Season 36 is so spot on with its casting and narratives, that it made up for its too-much-ennui-for-comfort season.

Much love and tacos!

P.S. And, because I can’t help myself and I miss my TV already, here is some cosplay piano versions of Walking Dead, and, of course, Game of Thrones. Plus some Super Hero Speed Dating on the side.

P.P.S. Am I the only one tearing up jus a rittle with this ad?


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