Things to Look Forward To This April


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Crappy Food At Coachella is a Thing of the Past
Or, let me correct myself: having crappy food as your only option at Coachella is a thing of the past. Though we’ve been rolling to Coachella for a few years now, I’m happy to report that this year, we’re in good company. This year we’ll be set up in the VIP tents w/ a full menu like always, and also out in the general public w/ our most signature eats for the first time. 10:30AM-midnight.

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Dim Sum Crawl in Chinatown

See you next Thursday? 6:30-9:30PM? Roy Chulo Choi and Kogi fam might pop in for a bit. Not to serve, mind you, but to enjoy the festivities. Beers and happy little dumpllings. Looks like just the fuel before I BIKE FOR MY LIFE the following weekend. Tickets can be bought HERE.

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4/21, 10AM-3PM

Bike. I am getting ready to make friends with you again, Bike. I’m going to have to. If you’re going to see me through a good 15 miles or so.

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Let it be known that I have not ridden a 2-wheeler since freshman year of college, since my bike got stolen. And for the glorious 3 weeks it was in my possession, I’ve not met a more uncomfortable thing for my pelvic region to come into contact with. Regardless to say, I was not heartbroken when someone cut through the locks and took it home with them.

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That said, it is my BFF’s (though, tragically, she does not believe in the concept of “bff”s) and Kogi’s executive catering manager’s birthday that weekend, so biking we must and in CicLavia we trust.

hopefully we'll have something to celebrate by the end of this month.

End of April? Mebbe Early May?
Chego Chinatown’s Grand Opening
Though we are hard at work on the new space, it’s touch and go as we speak, so it’s impossible to settle a solid date for our opening. But rest assured that it shall be grand. Chinatown grand.

Thanks so much to every single one of you who is holding a candle for the new Chego (east OR west) and keeping the faith. Your bellies shall be rewarded, my friends. And there shall be chubby pork belly bowls and ooey gooey fries forever.

(( H U G ))

Love and rice bowls,


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  1. Chelsy says:

    Please please please let me know when the Chegoicco opens in Chinatown I’m so they’re my favorite favorite favorite and what about the west side what’s going on over there

  2. Sleepyhead says:

    I was at the Chego Palms opening, and gosh darnit I sure as heckfire plan on making it to the Chinatown one!!

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