Notice Something? ::pats hair::

BIG changes this week. ::gestures to body:: As you may have noticed.

But first, some mood music:


So, before we get into the big Chinatown Grand Opening details for this Saturday, I first wanted to give a big hug and thank you to Kymera Studio.  Worth every penny.  kogi webs 01


kogi webs 03


I’m not gonna lie and say it was easy. Giving birth to the new Kogi redesign wasn’t like giving birth to a child. It was like giving birth to a whale. So have fun poking around the site. There shall be plenty of winks and little surprises here and there and everywhere.

kogi webs 02

In other words, if you want to run with a team that encourages innovation, loves being uber helpful and will burn the midnight oil to get your site just right, I’d got with Kymera Studio. Job well done, guys. Job. Well. DONE.

In other news: Chego!  In Chinatown!  IT IS HERE! And I’ve got the photos to prove it.


Let me tell you, the East Side of L.A. has much to celebrate come this May 4th, just off the iconic Broadway and Hill Street. Tucked inside the bowels of Far East Plaza, just across the way from Pho 97 and next to a Dat Vim Music blasting the best of old school Vietnamese goodies, Latin pop hits and the strangely enchanting threads of warm, Chinese-Brasilian bossanova music is the Chego Man’s newest home.


No longer do our patrons have to suffer crappy parking options (for which we most humbly apologize for on behalf of our most diehard and loveliest of fans) and oil-and-sludge-filled pot holes the size of Kansas. Ready to pick up a hot, ricey bowl of L.A. County, sunny-side-up before that Dodger game or to put in an order before catching that show in Echo Park? All you gotta do is visit us HERE and know that, yes, the Chego Man loves you.

P1020594 copy

727 N. Broadway, Tues-Sun. Delivery (starts May 21st!) and online ordering available HERE.

So please, please come out Saturday, May 4th 2013 for our Grand Opening and stick around this Cinco de Mayo weekend to welcome Chego into Chinatown.


Love and rice bowls,

P.S. Next post, I’ll start giving weekly nuggets of how you can best optimize the new Kogi site. We really built it for you guys. And next time, I’ll show you how.

P.P.S. Can’t wait to show you guys the Chego website update! It’s still got the air of Chego directness and simplicity, but with more happy to go around.


6 Responses to Notice Something? ::pats hair::

  1. Brenda-lee says:

    Woohoo!!! finally! See ya saturday 🙂

  2. Snowy says:

    Chego redux – never better – and so fresh !

    • alice shin says:

      (( H U G )) awww, thanks, Stuart. I loved it so much that you came by with some of the fam. Sorry it was so chaotic!

  3. Dru says:

    You’re like a distant relative, but i’m always happy to see you again.

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