Kogi Wet Burrito

All the goodness in a shortrib burrito with slices of spam inside, then smothered with Kogi Molé and cheese with some onions on top. Yeah, it’s a sexy beast 😉


7 Responses to Kogi Wet Burrito

  1. Rafael says:


    Can a tofu or kimchi burrito be turned into a wet burrito?

  2. Eric Shin says:

    We don’t make kimchi burritos, but you can ask for a wet tofu burrito with kimchi, no spam.

  3. Henry says:

    Your truck was at Beach Girls Bar/Sweets Liquor store on Beach Blvd. and McFadden Ave. in Huntington Beach on Saturday night. What other nights do you park there? What time ? Love your short rib tacos. Thanks, Henry

  4. Eric Shin says:

    @Henry Our schedule is always subject to change. Best to follow our twitter feed or the schedule on this site. 🙂

  5. Christy says:

    Hello! Is this only a special for a limited time or can we get this at any time?

  6. Umberto says:

    I’ve been eating this each friday upon verde’s truck recommendation at dtla. it is amazing. look forward to eating it each week. thanks verde truck!

  7. diogenes says:

    We really need trucks to come to the valley more often. love you food.

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