NO TEARS: Video Mash, The Chego Smash and Last of the 3300 Overland Memory Stash

To set the mood for the week is a music video mash of looks-old-but-sounds-new/sounds-old-but-is-brand-new tuneskis, because that’s how it feels with today’s announcement: bittersweet, happy, thankful and alive.

Computer Magic – “A Million Years” Video from stereogum on Vimeo.

And, without further ado…WEST SIDE.  Please know that we love you.  And if you are feeling the jitters of anticipating bad news, please know that those jitters are unfounded.

WE ARE NOT LEAVING YOU.  I repeat, WE ARE NOT LEAVING YOU.  Please continue to chant this to yourselves as I relay the latest news to hit the team of Chego.
So, to be real and transparent with all of y’all, we couldn’t reach an agreement with our landlord at Overland and are moving our operations to Chinatown’s Far East Plaza.  It’s been a mixed blessing of sorts, and we’re genuinely happy with the way things have worked out.  One — our new Chinatown family has been so warm and good to us. Two — we’ve figured out a way to still serve you rice bowls on the West Side.  But more on that later.

This shall be our final week at 3300 Overland.

But we want smiles, not tears.  We want a party, not a funeral.  We want each and every one of you who’s patronized Chego since 2010 to come out with your boomboxes and lawn chairs, your coolers and your friends so that we can show you how much we love and appreciate you guys who have stuck by us through rain and shine, pothole-gutted parking spaces and the occasionally questionable music selection.
For those of you who’ve crushed on Micko, fallen in love with Jose and have been taken in by Tyler’s bearded sweetness, come by this week to send us off properly to Chinatown.  3/30/13 will be our last day in operation at 3300 Overland, so now’s not the time to be gun-shy about coming out.

As for when you’ll be able to eat another Chubby Pork Belly Bowl or hot, crusty mess of Ooey Gooey Fries, give us about bit of time to move into our Chinatown location before we can sit at a table together to figure out how to fit a rice cooker into the Alibi Room in Culver City.

In other words, as we bid our goodbyes to 3300 Overland this Saturday, March 30th, 2013, give us about a month to clean things up, move things out, get settled and good with our new neighbors and transition into running a new Chinatown version of Chego — ALL WHILST LOOKING FOR A NEW WEST SIDE SPACE.

So while we are actively scouting for an even sweeter spot on the West Side, please do not ever feel like we’ve forsaken thee!  There’s just a lot on our plates and in our rice bowl right now and we’re doing our best to give you our best on both sides of this city: east and west.

Give us to the end of April, friends.  You’ll see another Sour Cream Hen House and Exhibit B/C/D burger yet.

Palms, you’ve been good to us.  We love you.  We’ll miss you.  And we’ll always remember the uber cool knick knacks you’ve left for us on the counter or personal keepsakes you’ve gifted us on our shelves.

Please know that we’ve done everything super-humanly possible to stay at 3300 Overland Ave., and we ask y’all to please be patient with us during this state of transition.

Translation: RICE BOWLS FOREVER. Come out and  party con nosotros.  You in?

Much love and tacos,
P.S. My favorite new video series (from Reddit): Explain It Like I’m Five



12 Responses to NO TEARS: Video Mash, The Chego Smash and Last of the 3300 Overland Memory Stash

  1. Aaron Fortin says:

    This is pretty bittersweet but thanks for the awesome explanation on the unfortunate move. Please name your next special ‘Landlords from Hell’

    I’m about to go out and start scouting locations for Westside Chego in my neighborhood (I’m not kidding.)

    Keep doing what you do. Great to have been a part of the magic from the beginning.

  2. Samantha says:

    Wanted to let you know that they’re almost done building a large structure on the corner of Motor Ave. and Palms Ave. across from the Palms Elementary School. Could be a good new location for future Chego. =)

  3. Jake says:

    I used to live in Palms, now I live on the Eastside and I cannot wait for Chego East. This explanation was very well stated and laid things out clearly. Good job! I’m very much looking forward to the new Chego

  4. Wind says:

    chego is leaving palms? you were literally 5 blocks away. a 3 minute bike ride, a 10 minute walk. you were byob with a liquor store next door owned by the sweet lil asian woman. you brought business to her store like she’s never seen. this news has ruined my day. we are saddened.

  5. SNOWY says:

    All Good
    Chego brings good vibe to wherever(s)
    Keep bringing it !
    Thanks from the heart with or without the steak
    Peace, Love, and Siracha

  6. Doug says:

    We were out of town and missed the send off. We will make the treck to Chinatown because we can’t live without this amazing food. BUT WE WANT YOU ON THE WEST SIDE!!!!!!

    CHECK OUT: an old McDonalds on LaCienga south of Washington. It has been vacant for a while. It has a huge parking lot attached. It is near a metro stop. It has access to the I-10. You have a built in lunch crowd with Sony in Culver City and the ton post production houses within walking distance. There is a hip scene in this area on Saturdays due to the Culver City art scene. This is a perfect west side location.

  7. oren says:

    super bummed. please come back soon!

  8. Bullwinkle says:

    Palms/Motor, new complex being built. A run down KFC on Jefferson near fox hills, Sepulvida and Palms had a great spot before Beard Papa decided to open up shop there next to the Trader joes. Speaking of TJ’s They are expanding the lot around the one on national/westwood. Maybe shop space there. Or you could just set up shop next to the 7-11 on overland/national.

  9. Sleepyhead says:

    Sad to see you go…but will be schleping eastward with a
    happy heart and hungry belly.

    Curious about the knick knacks and what will happen
    to them? Will they be ensconced in the new spot or ???

    Bestest wishes from a humble fan,

  10. chelsy says:

    Love the palm, but China town is way closer to my home in Long Beach ya Ya !!!!! Sooooo excited for dtla!!!! See you saturday the second we land from portland yay!

  11. Dru says:

    I will need to visit Chego on my next visit back to LA.

    PS Hope you’re doing well ALice!

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