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Let us start the week off right with a little mood music.  My ears are bleeding joy and disco-colored rainbows and fun when it comes to M.I.A.’s 8 minute Kenzo mix.  Looks like she is getting into gear for her new album drop which has been getting some flack from people at her label for being “too positive.”  I say, bring on the sun showers, machine-gun cultural mashups and break beats.

Lots of happy announcements and check-ins this week for Kogi/Chego!

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First of all, I want to say thank you, thank you to everybody who voted for us at LA Hotlist’s Taco Truck Tournament at LA City Voter. It really is an honor to be in the company of La Estrella, Leo’s and Border Grill when it comes to fun and games.

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ALSO, a fist bump to last week’s news in that Kogi made LA Weekly’s 99 Essential Restaurants.

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A solid list, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

And, since we’re still on the topic of Kogi, WE BRING YOU NEW SPECIAL THIS WEEK. (This photo shall have to stand in until I get an official picture from my little brother.)  I know.  It’s been about a hot minute — and by hot minute, I mean 6 months — since our last Kogi special.  So enjoy the changing lineup.

photo courtesy of eric shin

photo courtesy of eric shin

photo courtesy of eric shin

Kimchi Spam Sliders.  Caramelized kimchi and a hot Spam slice accompany two toasted slider buns, melting jack and cheddar cheeses, grilled onions, salsa Naranja with a schmear of sesame mayo.  2 sliders for $6.  Yes, we love you.  And you’re totally welcome.

As for Chego, we had a lot of fun just 2 days ago at the LA Weekly Plate Event.  Thank you to everybody who came out on behalf of the city of LA.  Amazing Anne Fishbein photos can be found HERE and THERE of the LA-Food-Bank-fundraising festivities.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to check out each and every tent, so I’ll just have to use these slideshows to EAT WITH MY EYES.

And why yes, yes it is official.  Just off the coattails of Chinese New Year, we’re officially announcing that we are coming into Chinatown and that Chego shall be sitting pretty in the Far East Plaza this spring.  Hell YES, we’re coming to the Eastside.  So all you folks from downtown, Ktown, Hollywood, Echo Park and Silverlake — don’t ever tell us that we never show you any love!

we're coming to chinatown...

...and it's a celebration, peoples.

I just love that now people have a new option to accompany them to their Dodger games.  YES, Chego Chinatown shall be taking takeout orders, so feel good about phoning it in and picking it up before heading out to Dodger’s stadium, and YES, our truck is still open on Overland. Make sure to stop by and give us a fist bump in the meantime.

Much love and tacos,


Come by the truck, Tue-Sat, lunch time, dinner time, hungry time.



  1. Jake says:

    This is a happy day for all of us

  2. Woohoo!!! Can’t wait. Now I don’t have to travel half the world (also known as the Westside) to get to one of my favorite restaurants. 😀

    Can we get a roaming Chego truck next?

  3. Bullwinkle says:

    Whats up with Chego on Overland and Rose. You’re even operating your prep kitchen out of there. Even so much as running extension cords from the Restaurant to the truck, so Why are you in the truck still and not operating inside of the actual shop? These supposed issues that came up I dunno how they would take in excess of 3+ months to fix. So if there is indeed a problem with the property, why not relocate to palms/motor. Brand new shop space there with apartments on top. with presumably more parking avail around than that of chego’s current location. Or you could simply move to westwood and be done with it as well.

  4. David Stankunas says:

    Chego in Chinatown! YES YES YES! Having just moved from the Westside to DTLA a few months ago, I’m so happy to be able to get my Roy Choi fix without having to fight through traffic!

    New sliders look great! I’ve been making homemade Surfer’s Sandwiches (a la A-Frame) for a delicious spammy breakfast, but maybe I should try whipping up some of these sliders next.

  5. Eric Shin says:

    @Bullwinkle It is down to the building management at this point. Until they respond to our requests, we are in repair limbo. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  6. Patrick says:

    The spam & kimchi sliders taste like AWESOME HOT FIRE. Can’t wait for more specials!

  7. holly says:

    Woo-hoo! Glad to see my Pee Wee & Chairy are happily overseeing the Chego goings on!
    Have been feeling remiss in not getting over to see you guys. I’ll definitely check out the Chinatown action. Big hugs all around! xxoo love, holly

  8. Susie says:

    Looking forward to Chego Chinatown…woot!

  9. Ray says:

    Are you going to be in Chinatown AND the Westside? Because if you leave the West I will cry cry cry I love you Chego wahhhhh

  10. Alice Shin says:

    @Jake — it is. Indeed.

    @Darkflight (Stitch626) — Hmmm… ::strokes mustache:: Hmmm….

    @Bullwinkle — Siiiiiiiigh… Rhetorical question for the day: does it make sense for a baker to suggest to a plumber how best to operate his business? We’re doing the best we can, friend. The best we can.

    @David Stankunas — I KNOW. East side location has been a long time coming.

    @Patrick — aren’t you gonna be a happy camper this spring? Lots of specials this season. Watch OUT.


    @Susie — double woot and a boo-RAH.

    @Ray — Buck up, @Ray. There shain’t be any need to cry.

  11. Seanie Boy says:

    when’s the chinatown spot opening???

  12. supawako says:

    no way! i just found out you’re practically coming to my back (or front) yard. put me down as a “regular” for the Chinatown location

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