And who doesn’t love a good pre-sale, oui? Non? Mebbe? ::strokes French mustache::

For those of you unfamiliar with Le Fooding Paris LA Crush, here is a handy excerpt from Alexandre Cammas:

Le Grand Fooding Crush Paris-L.A.?

A one-way ticket, to begin with…

Los Angeles has always been high on inspiration. L.A.: where local and tasty ingredients consistently come first. A simple grilled side of pork with salt and pepper can become an experience. Same for a taco or a bo bun. L.A.: capital of culinary combinations, full of fusion restaurants, Unidentified Food Objects, and dude chefs envied by everyone! L.A.: new territory and new culinary frontiers, home of the world’s best food trucks. L.A.: the only place where movie stars smile when they eat crispy pig head. L.A.: where cuisine carbonates with cool and slowly swallows 502.7 miles of not-exactly-digestible urban tentacles.

Much smaller, Paris is home to countless up-to-date chefs. They just don’t get mentioned enough. The media is too dazzled by the evanescent glittering stars.

The fact is that bourgeois cuisine is no longer France’s daily bread. Techno-cuisine never will be. In Paris, the gourmands are devouring the gourmets. Our favorite chefs are not celebrity chefs. Their photos aren’t printed on packs of vacuum-sealed ham. So where do you find these oh-so-Parisian luxuries? In their kitchens, of course! They’re frequently French, most certainly Parisian, and always authors. Free as birds in the air. Because you need air to fly in the face of convention. And to keep your flag flying high.


Eleven incredible chefs, a fine Champagne, gutsy fromages, acclaimed DJs and graphic designers to feast your senses and do some conscious good.


April 26 and 27, 2013, at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA.
Hurry and book your tickets at Twenty percent of our ticket sales support L.A. Food Bank & MOCA.

Expect to see a remix on our classic short rib taco come this April…

Speaking of remixes, Roy Chulo Choi’s been feeling several thousand different ways inspired with the latest immigration of taste to our sauce family, the Kogi mole.  1 part chocolate, cumin and gochuchang, 2 parts veggies, soul and L.A. love, there is a lot to look forward to on our trucks this spring.

Oh, and interested in them tickets?  LUCKY FOR YOU.  General sale will open on Tuesday 2nd April at 9am, but for a few lucky ones,  since MasterCard® is the exclusive presale partner of Le Grand Fooding Crush Paris-L.A. 2013, for MasterCard® cardholders presale is open for the $50 Le Tasty Crush Ticket, $80 Le Cliquot Crush Ticket, $125 Le MasterCard® Priceless® Crush ticket TODAY/RIGHTNOW/WHILETHEY’REHOT right HERE.

And, as always, here is my nifty, sponsored-by-Kogi fist-bump-of-a-reminder that CHEGO IS STILL ALIVE!  So we’ll see you truck side, same bat time, same bat channel, yeah?  Tue-Sat, lunch and dinner, 3300 Overland Ave., Palms.

Love and tacos,


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