The Chego Curveball

Hi there.
This is me, Papi, here to give you some serious yet seriously fun news.

Life got real at Chego! Our kitchen hit the fan and we have to do some major work. The space has been great to us but all of the quirks finally caught up. And so we met a spork in the road. Either continue or take a moment to repair….we chose to repair. I don’t know how long it will take but we did our best to not let it affect you too much. We went to the lab and came up with some solutions during this transition. If you know what we’ve been doing since ’08 then you know my style – “You get what you get and you don’t get upset” – gotta roll with the punches life gave us right now. I’m serious.

So during this unforeseen transition….we built a Chego Truck!!!
It will be parked at Chego!
It will be open the same hours and days.
It will accept credit cards and online orders.
It will be our motel room as we figure things out.
But most of all it will have the same loving family of cooks and managers.
And the same food (almost).

I don’t have woks on the truck, only a flat top plancha, but I guarantee the quality and flavors won’t change. The classics will stay: Chubby, Tiny’s, Ooey Gooey, Beefy T, Hen House, etc. Beyond that, you gotta be flexible with us. I’m working on bringing the whole menu but it’s gonna take some time. There will be some new surprises, too!

***There is one Curveball though.***

The dining room is closed.
The whole place inside is getting gutted.
So we are moving the tables outside and serving out of a truck.
It’s actually pretty fucking cool.
Dress warm.
Come with a sense of humor.
And let’s camp out.

This is in effect NOW.

Let’s hope for a speedy recovery but let’s also have fun with it. Street food for reals. For now, we’re a truck on the side of the building, dealing with real life curve balls and sticking our tongue out at them, and turning lemons into lemonade. Just know that we love you and we put it all on the line to still provide you the food of Chegoman. It’s how we do.

I say all of this on behalf of the team because we know how you get, how we all get when we are hungry. Ha. We are here for you but we got things that happened and now we are ALL on the street…But I’m cooking, so it’s a party!

Thanks for reading and see you at Chego!



9 Responses to The Chego Curveball

  1. Seanie Boy says:

    You could be cookin’ off a campfire and i’d line up…no worries!

  2. SNOWY says:

    Hunger just keeps us coming
    No worries and still smilin’

  3. Bigmouth says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic. But parking is already such a pain in the azz…

  4. Stitch Tran says:

    If there is a will, there is a way… and when it involves Kogi/Chego.. there WILL be food and we will be there… now it would be nice if the ‘Chego’ truck did a roadtour again and come east…

  5. Verde_truck_is_best_truck says:

    Chego truck tour would be awesome! For the record,Verde truck is best truck. That is all.

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  7. GatoGordo says:

    Clearly you are proving you can serve up Chego from a truck without sacrificing quality. Hopefully, once you finish re-modeling your building, you will not let that truck you built go to waste and Chego can go mobile as well.

  8. Chego fan says:

    We checked out the chego truck 11pm, 12/21 and the food was delicious. Thanks for finding a way to continue to serve your fans during construction. I do have to report some personel issues, though.

    Most of the staff on the truck worked their butts off however the manager/order taker was terribly unprofessional. As we approached the truck, there were no customers. We stood in front of the window making eye contact with the manager and he looked away then engaging one of the staff in loud joking banter. I’m all for having fun but it is 47 degrees out and we want to order. He then grabs the tip money making additional jokes to the staff breaking eye contact again.

    After 50-60 seconds he finally takes my order after waving my hands. There is no way he thought we were looking at the menu because we knew what we wanted and I went straight to the window looking up into the truck. I’m 6’5 so there there is no way he missed me.

    The food came out slow about 40 min. but that’s ok, after all it isn’t easy working in the truck. The only gripe about the food was that the fries came out 20 minutes before the pork belly.

  9. Chego fan says:

    Just wanted to add that the manager continued to joke and disrupt the staff the entire time while they were trying to get the food out to the growing line of customers behind us. The kogi truck is a well oiled machine with focused staff, maybe that would be a good example to model for the chego truck manager. Maybe not as much fun for him but the customers will appreciate it. I know I do.

    In the end I still left a tip because I didn’t want to penalize the hard workers for his actions.

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