“IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD” POST: on Chego, LA Natives and the End of the Mayan Calender

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The long count of the Mayan calendar is coming to a close within a few days.  It’s most widely pointed out as December 21st, 2012, but my nerditude wants to emphasize that the actual tipping point is to occur on December 22, 2012 at 11:56AM Pacific Standard Time and will last for 8 minutes.  ^__^  And I’m only 10% kidding.

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If you have a hard time sitting through a 30 minute video orally translated to English from Spanish (or getting past some of the science-y/sci fi-sounding bits), just note that all the hippies into this kind of sh*t (like myself) will be celebrating an extra special winter solstice December 21st-23rd.

IS our world ending?  Let us count the ways:

  1. The Mayan Calendar Thin
  2. On a local front: We’ve survived not 1, but 2 Carmageddons.
  3. On the tech front, Twitter and Instagram are fighting.  Facebook’s now involved.  AND IT ISN’T PRETTY.
  4. On a personal front: our brick-and-mortar Chego has very suddenly closed down. And a truck popped up in its place.

And maybe the time of this world is ending, but, to quote Seneca the Younger (who was later quoted by Semisonic), “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  What I mean is that sometimes very sudden events come disguised as tragedies, but really are chances to either set everything right by giving us a moment of a profoundly new perspective.

1. The Mayan Calendar Thing

Did I mention that not only the Mayan Calendar’s end, but also the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor, the age of Pachakuti, the new land of the 6th sun according to the Hopi prophecy and the Age of Aquarius all suggest the rushing in of a Golden Age or era? Supposedly human consciousness is supposed to experience a series of profound insights that are to culminate during the whole December 21st-23rd solstice-y and galactic alignment thing that will significantly shift us into a new reality.  Whether this new reality consists of flying cars or a money-free society, it really is up to what we do with these new insights.

2. Remember this?

photo courtesy of the LA Times

It was like the end was upon us.  (Yes, we’re spoiled and sheltered.)  TWICE.  And how did we Angelenos handle that sh*t?

riding down the 405. photo courtesy of

It was kinda like Y2K all over again.  After all the warnings, all the banging of the drums — it happened, and we were like, “Oh.  Was that it?”

3. And so, it begins…

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I can’t write about it any better than Mashable, so here’s the link.  It’s just that Twitter and Instagram: they were so good together.  Instagram was the jelly to Twitter’s peanut butter.  Hell, I even opened up a Kogi Instagram (sporadically active) account because I couldn’t protest the power of Instagram any longer: it was now available for Androids and was so conveniently linked to Twitter.  But they’ve suddenly and irreparably broken up and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to ever get back together again. Seriously.

I guess in the world of social media and greed, the concept of BFF has a hard time surviving.  Especially when there’s some weird backstabbing going on.

But I promise you this: tomorrow or the day after or the day after that, there will be a new synergistic partnership that will make us forget that Instagram and Twitter were ever buddies to begin with.

4. Yes.  It came as a surprise to me as well. (An understatement.)

this is in reference to the DINING AREA and not Chego's kitchens.

But what can you do when Fate has everything you thought to be true unexpectedly implode?  Sometimes there are events and circumstances beyond our control that force us to find a more perfect fit.

For example, imagine you found a beautiful apartment at the perfect price — but always found something a little off about it: the sunlight doesn’t come in the way you’d like it to, you and your roommate get along pretty well, but you would never consider one another good friends and there is only street parking available.  Still, you made the most of the situation by decorating the hell outta the place and had a lot of painfully happy times and met scores of neighbors who helped you feel at home.

And then imagine that it’s been revealed to you that the plumbing’s been shot, your landlord’s gone on an unexpected vacation and beams in the ceiling were deemed to be unsafe and could come crashing down at any moment.  (METAPHOR, PEOPLE!)  And instead of waiting for the apartment to fall apart, you instead choose to pack up your things and live out of your brother’s luxurious RV for a while.  It’s no apartment, but it’s got the bare necessities and allows you to enjoy your neighborhood a little longer while you figure things out.

And that can sometimes become a blessing in disguise.

Because I think in making small compromises to make something “almost perfect” work, there comes a day when we realize that we can’t compromise any longer and still be what we are: people who serve good food at good prices to good people.

And our regulars and the people of Palms have truly been SO INCREDIBLY GOOD to us.


Thank you so much for being so patient with the situation.  Thank you for being so happy and willing to eat curbside.  Thank you for sticking by us while we’re camping out in a truck. You’ve got to admit, it can be kinda fun, huh?

Anyway, I want you all to please know that we are all banding together as a family to find the right home to commit to.  Whether Chego ends up on the Eastside or the West, please know that we love an appreciate each and every Chego regular very dearly.

So in answer to the most common Chego-related questions, here they are:

  • Chego is not closing down.
  • Chego from the truck, for now, is projected to be a very temporary situation
  • Yes, we absolutely still do to-go orders.  So if you are really bummed about the lack of seating and don’t want to wait in line, click HERE to order your meals and pick what time you want to swing by to pick ’em up.

So It’s Not Really The End of The World?

No!  And to say thank you to Chego fans, we are bringing back the 3PM Meatballs.  Yes, the ones people freaked out about when we pulled them off the menu.  Our dumpling-filling inspired, extra juicy beef-pork-and-tofu delight over a bed of fried polenta cakes and our oddball gourmand salsa azul.

mmmm. goooood.

But It COULD Be If Chego Fans Don’t Heed One Small Request…

Ach!  >__<  And I apologize while making this request, but we would super duper pooper scooper appreciate it if we could use our indoor voices.  Yes, even in the great outdoors of Palms, California.  Honestly, we wouldn’t even ask this of you if it weren’t for the fact that some neighbors are unhappy with the noise level and the cops have been called on us.

Yes, this all feels very familiar.  And yes, there are worries that Big Brother Kogi’s influence might be rubbing off on the Chego truck.  Just a little bit.  Maybe.

And I just wanna say that I love that y’all are having a good time out there.  I just want to do what I can to make sure that the good times continue to roll into the new year.  LOVE YOU GUYS.

Love, tacos and making it to the other side of 2012,


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  1. Rhys Talbot says:

    Great info — Thanks

  2. SNOWY says:

    Chego East?
    Chego Valley?
    Wherever you go, we’ll find you !

  3. Jake says:

    I would go to a Chego East EV-AH-REE-DAY

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