Maaaaaaaaaan, you have no idea how excited I was to have these freegums/AlvaroIlizarbe shirts to arrive in the mail.  AND AS PROMISED (and we know how bad I can be at keeping promises on this blog), I shall show you how they fit and feel.

To recap, freegums is this Miami-based artist who is moving to LA and hence is holding this craaaazy tshirt sale to clean out his inventory.  He’s also my latest internet-based crush.  And, like discussed in a previous blog, these crushes are as lame as they are earnest, which kind of holds a charm in and of itself.  What, no? Anyway, here is a taste:

How random, he’s Peruvian and I’m about to galavant about his motherland. Go figure!

Also, apologies in advance — I won’t be linking or crediting photos the way I do in other posts because I’m trying to get this done as quickly as possible, since I really need to start packing my schizznazz for Peru.  (ALICE IN THE PRESENT-PAST.)  Though, by the time you read this, ALICE IN THE FUTURE-PRESENT will probably have already arrived in Cusco be hiking/camping out on a bodacious mountain with some donkeys, guides and strangers/friends.  Imagine me sending you imaginary pictures of a sky so incredibly blue and clouds so incredibly god-like that they appear to have been photoshopped.  >__<

Anyway, here are the shirts I got.  Unisexy in XS, Womens in SM.

Incredible, incredible prints.  The black-and-white ones were printed front-and-back and the printers had taken special care that the design would continue unbroken, even as they passed over the seams.  Buh, I should’ve taken a picture to illustrate my point, but hopefully you know what I mean.  Like, when a print is super wild and super cheap, you’ll notice a huge gap or weird break in the print once it reaches the seam of a purse, skirt, dress or shirt.  With these shirts, that’s none to worry.

Also, for those of you who have not met me in person, my sense of style is exuberantly eclectic.  That’s a euphemism for 5-year-old-circus-hipster-playing-dress-up.  At my happiest.  And when I’m trying to be professional or feel particularly unattractive and dull, I tend to slip on something fairly normal-looking.  Ahahaha.  You’ll very quickly be able to track my moods and whether or not I had enough time to dress myself by what it is that I’m wearing.

So these shirts made me kerrrrrrrrrrrazy happy!  So happy, in fact, that I was inspired to do something I hadn’t done since I was on Myspace in 2007: do a faux-fashion post.

I shall never pretend to be as savvy about style and fashion as the common everyday fashion blogger.  I’m no Susie Bubble, Man Repeller, Coco’s Tea Party or that hapa chick from San Diego who landed a contract to model for Forever 21 once she hit it big.  Sorry, her name escapes me.  But she liked to pose a lot with running one hand in her hair.

So puh-leeez don’t think that I think I’m some authority on style.  I like what I like.  Haphazardly.

But before we continue, I do want to say that I quite enjoyed how freegums/Alvaro Ilizarbe packaged everything to go.  To illustrate my point, here are the goods.

Le siiiiigh. It's like he already knew we'd all have crushes on him.

Were I all 18 again and emo, I would totally have this taped up on the inside of my locker.

I love personal touches.

FREEE MUSIC!!! (let's hope that it's dope)

So you definitely get more than just the shirts. I really appreciated the little booklet of his latest works, the charming FREEGUMS stickers, the adoraburr high school foto and the beat tape. I love artists and musicians who package their merchandise with a little bit of fan service. It’s the winning touch in my book.

So, like I mentioned, back in 2006-7 I used to occasionally blog about celebrity gossip (back when Pink Is The New Blog was just out and ONTD was just getting its legs), take pictures of my food and take photos of my particularly adventuresome outfits. I don’t know why I did those things. I guess I just couldn’t help myself. If I saw, heard or ate something that struck me as amazing, I had to snap a picture and put it up.

Anyway, receiving this package in the mail kind of brought back a sense of digital nostalgia.

So this is my kickback to 2006/7, my cheers to my early 20s. So enjoy it or avert your eyes. Your choice. You’ve been warned!

And… for a little mood music…

mommy, a rainbow threw up all over me. and i think i like it.

yes. i'm 5 again. and it's fabulous.

annnnnnnd this is about as hi-fashion as my posing gets.

if it's too much my-little-pony for you, you can always tone done the rainbow brite-ness with a suede vest and summa jeans.

here's my 2010 Brooklyn hipster look.

you can see up close that the print is just incroyable.

sorry for the flash, but the finer print tends to pair super well with rougher textures like black lace. i'd totally give it a whirl.

here's a better look at the lace. it really is quite a nice el salvadorean lace i was lucky enough to grab off ebay.

the print also gets along with herringbone and jersey textures. yeah! they make pretty rad friends.

my homage to that San Diego chick I can't remember the name of. i wish I could. there aren't too many prominent So-Cal-based style bloggers, as most of the ones I liked are based in NYC or London.

The shirts are thicker than they are thin, so not the MOST layer-friendly items if you wanted to go heavy with the vests, cardigans and tucking-into-the-waistband all at once. But they do come fairly fitted, so they very easily can mix and match with a lot of different colors, prints, cuts, shapes and textures.

A part of me’s even tempted to going at one of the shirts with a pair of scissors to make a nice crop top for the summer, as sacrilegious as that might sound. It’s probably tantamount to dumping ketchup on a plate of fries — erm pomme frites anointed with aged llama fat by Daniel Boulud.

Sorry to the bruh-dudes. This was probably not what you were expecting or hoping for while I was off on “vacation”. No worries. Once I get back, I’ll be sure to inject my posts with so much AXE, high-octane energy drink, super-fresh kicks and gizmos that you’ll forget for a moment that this blog is written under the hands of a girl.

Love and tacos,


0 Responses to ghost post: FAUX FASHION POST, PARTYING LIKE IT’S 2007

  1. Stitch Tran says:

    It looks cute. Style is one part clothes, and 2 parts the person who wears it and lastly 1 part the desire or spirit of the person who wears it to believe it to be stylish.

  2. Keith Denslow says:

    Where can I get the shirts?

  3. Alice Shin says:

    Stitch — That’s exactly why I think anyone can pull ANYTHING off! It’s really just owning what it is that you’re wearing. That said, I particularly admire people who have the cajones to publicly enjoy what their hearts long for them to wear.

    Keith Denslow: the shop is located here — However it appears to be currently down for “maintenance”. More than a site bug, I’m guessing that he’s so involved with packing, unpacking and traveling across country that he just doesn’t have the marbles to take stock and keep impeccable records and inventory.

    I’m sure once Alvaro gets settled in LA, it’ll be back up soon enough. I know — cool shirts, right?? KEEP THE FAITH.

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