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photo courtesy of lostinasupermarket blog

photo courtesy of lostinasupermarket blog

Ha. Ha. Ha.  So, this shirt was enough to elicit a sad, sad chuckle out of me: “Oh, Alice…!”  A sad, “It’s funny cuz it’s true!” feeling behind it.  I know, I know — enter the ukelele of a violin, its piccolo counterpart.  –__–;;

SAD.  The fact that I can actually wear this shirt and own it is sad-cool.  The shirt to me is sad-funny.  And sad-clever.  And totally indicative of the culture behind a generation of Tumblr-ites.


Sigh.  If you were to accuse me of being naive when entering super intense, joined-at-the-hip friendships, I really couldn’t defend myself. Aaaaaaaaaaand, END SCENE.

Wow.  Well, I just looked at their site and blog, and what do you know:

photo courtesty of

Apparently it is the gift that keeps on giving and giving.  And it’s rustled under the Love Awareness Program, otherwise known as…LAP? Add a D behind it and you’ve got the Love Awareness Program Department — cracking down and whacking loved ones who steal our metaphorical lunch monies.

Hm. Wow. Now that I’m looking further into it (yes, I totally change around/research further/add to these blog posts AS I’M TYPING THEM OUT), I’m finding the intention behind the project curiouser and curiouser.

: Who does their marketing?  I’d totally love to tangle with their copywriter. (In a professional, work-appropriate, non-sexual manner.) 

photo courtesy of

Though I would say that HERE is where their marketing angle may or may not hit a sour note of irony — on top of what is already quite ironic.

isn't it tho...?

I any case, I love that it’s established in LA County.

The 100% wool jersey’s a bit steep at $300, but you can support the movement/ironic woundage with their more affordable $32 tees.

And since we’re on the topic of apparel…

and look at all that healthy colon, y'all.

You know what they say.  No guts, no glory.


these lungs are for LIFE.

meticulously stitched together with bovine and kangaroo leathers -- THERE IS KANGA and ROO SWIMMING SOMEWHERES IN THIS CHAQUETA??

an alpine stars and Death Spray Custom (DSC) project called Anatomy Suit -- though I only see a jacket attached to this so-called suit.

If ever I were to own a motorcycle (which I most certainly will NOT, mommyI’mscared!), this cleverly and masterfully crafted non-vegan jacket would probably fit the bill.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry!  I don’t want this to come off like some MUST BUY LUST BUY catalog of supremely cool stuff — though, it’d be mighty more supreme-er if these made these to custom fit the ladies.  Just sayinggggggggggg….! I mean, what a fresh way to show off that healthy-arse lung capacity. (And, if I were a smoker, I’d probably color in some black tar around the pink edges with a Sharpie.)

Okay, okay — just one more semi-commercial, non-indie project that’s trying to go for the indie feel — has anybody looked into the Beck’s beer label project?  Seriously.  It is mighty cool.  I don’t know if you can call it a commercial since I just generally love the documentary aspect of the video — here’s M.I.A.’s version:

Did you like it? I dunnoz, I liked it. But you know what I liked even more, even after all that delicious explosion of candy-colored neon neo-house mashup?

The colorless, black-and-white aspect of freegums/Alvaro Ilizarbe. Ladies and gentlemen… I think I may have a new internet crush.

(Though, Adria Navarro, I still think you and all that you do are beautiful!)

::hugs picture:: but i luff him!

Now isn’t it amazing when the work of an artist can get a girl like me — the kinda uncouth, uncultured girl who finds art shows and museums borrring 70% of the time — in the GUT…?

I don’t pay for art shows. I get in where I can fit in and/or if someone got me on some guest list for free.

Yes. I’m that bad. When it comes to exploring the visual arts, I’m a total cheapskate. My child-of-immigrants lineage has got to show up somewhere in my spending habits.

To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever paid for an art exhibit aside from the time I saw Kara Walker’s work in NYC — which I mostly ENJOYED — and even then, it was mandatory to go there for a class I was taking at NYU.

The biggest compliment I could give an art exhibit would be, “I WOULD TOTALLY PAY TO GET IN.”

Speaking of which, I would totally pay to lose myself in a room full of his work and installations. I could lose myself for hours and hours. Me, the Bubbles of the Powerpuff Girls, the one who feeds on COLOR and shiny things — I’m magnetically pulled into the flat, 2-dimensional black-and-white schema of all that hypnotic pattern making. It kind of reminds me of Shipibo ayahuasca cloths that have magical music and healing songs (icaros) stitched into them.

photo courtesy of

Isn’t it interesting, that this is the equivalent of reading sheet music on the Ucayali in Pucallpa, Peru? A living map of music is what it is. If you’re familiar with the stitching, you could run your fingers over the cloth in the dark and still hear its song.

photo courtesy of

Anyway, s’more of his work, since it doesn’t seem like he’s coming to L.A. anytime soon for a full-scale freegums show.
<-- OHMYGODYOUGUYSHE'SMOVINGTOL.A. [caption id="attachment_9794" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="photo courtesy of">[/caption]

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

kinda looks like a Kogi line on a good day...

I’m semi-sad I missed an exhibit at the tail end of 2011 here in LA that featured some of the work of freegums, but really, it wasn’t a freegums EXHIBIT, which wouldn’t have been the same. <--OHGOODLORDPEOPLES,HE'SACTUALLYCOMINGTOLOSANGELESONASEMIPERMANENTBASIS. I want to enter his SPACE, walk that world of black and white, of stripes and waving circles from left to right, from top to bottom, wall-to-wall without a break. In the meantime, I could comfort the empty space that is freegum-less with a pair of shoes he designed for Nike: [caption id="attachment_9799" align="aligncenter" width="490" caption="photo courtesy of, the Lebron 9's for Nike"][/caption]

courtesy of

…which I would totally wear IF THEY MADE THEM IN SIZES FOR WOMEN! That, and they’re out of print/stock/manufacturing stage as they were supposedly uber limited edition.

No, I’m not resentful. ::crosses arms::

Cool Stuff. Hey, Cool Stuff That Isn’t Concerned With Being Confused For CUTE Stuff, I’m looking at you. Us ladies would like to enjoy a slice of that blueberry pie. We’re just saying.



to find out more about the organization, go to

And our truck shall be rolling up to partake in the festivities.

Unlike a lot of other fundraising events where only a small portion of the proceeds go towards a project, 100% of the ticket sales will be going towards bringing clean, safe drinking water to developing nations. And even if you don’t cares none about helping raise money to bring clean, safe drinking water to nations where even running water costs a pretty penny (which is totally cool, because I’m pretty allergic to fundraisers and the word “charity” myself), just GO because the event is going to be amazeballs! Music, fashion, photography, art, food and all them live performances. It won’t be such a bad way to spend $15-20 on a Saturday night in L.A. ::shrugs:: Your choice, mah dears. Your choice.

And, as always…

Love and tacos,


Funny how the universe works. So, scratch that, I don’t need no $200 Lebron 9’s that won’t fit me anyway, freegums got some awesome shirts in women-friendly sizes. The best parts??? 1) most are 50% off because they are moving 2) they are moving to L-dot-A-dot. Hopefully this means we’ll be seeing an overwhelming 90s-the-frak-out print show and other goodies soonish.

I snapped up 3 just two seconds ago — hopefully they fit. I usually wear a women’s small…a women’s medium if it’s an especially snugger “high fashion” fit. I’m hoping Unisex XS will fit the bill.

[caption id=”attachment_9854″ align=”aligncenter” width=”490″ caption=””ooey gooey” in women’s small, $12 <-- now y'all know why I snapped this one up. 1) it's VOMITING RAINBOWS 2) the Chego in me never dies 3) YES IT'S CALLED OOEY GOOEY. Since he's moving to L.A., wouldn't it be rad if he got taste our ooey gooey fries? "]


If they arrive before I skip off to Peru in 2 weeks, I’ll let y’all know how they fit and feel. (Assuming that I remember this half-empty promise. Love youse!) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!11oneone


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