can I get a what-what?

Well, it’s finally happened, folks.  Hell hath frozen over — at least for a short while on the Kogi blog.  Yes, I’m putting up an Eater logo for all to see.  And yes, I’m doing it without anybody putting a gun to my head.

Porque, my dears?

Because this is one of the few times I find something they’re doing really friggin cool.  (Sidenote: if you’ve been a follower of this blog for a good year or two, and a follower of Eater, y’all can see why I may not philosophically align with the way they do things sometimes.  Philosophies aside, though, they do what they do well, and they do it better than anybody else.)

There’s our baby.  Our mini Lady Boss, if you will, Natasha Phan.

This really is quite the precedent.  Not only was she nominated, not only did she win, she was one of the four females nationwide to make the cut and one of the only 2 to hold it down for LA County this year.  (And we know how too-easy it is for New Yorkers to make the list.)  On top of that, she’s not a cook, she’s not a sommelier, she doesn’t work the front of house in a restaurant (most of the time), she’s not a restauranteur.

She is just exceptionally exceptional.  A bulldozer of a woman.  The kind of gal who could give Tracy Flick a run for her money.  You can can click here and read why that is.

So feel free to congratulate her. She’s more than earned her stripes in this town aeons ago, and it’s nice for a national publication to grace her with a little acknowledgment.

Among other topics of interest is this new creative interwebs-based social experiment called Mosey. It’s a mini start up that involves a friend of mine that’s in its alpha stages.

What it is: a playlist of experiences, an itinerary of a self-created adventures.

Why alpha trumps beta: you can only get in by invite only and the sole purpose of going alpha is to jump in there, break sh*t and tell the creators about it.

It’s pretty damn cool idea. And though I wish they’d let us upload pictures to entice people with, I love that we can create some super fun experiences from the local perspective on what L.A. is all about for out-of-towners.

No trips to the Hollywood sign, no Mann’s Chinese Theater, no strolls up and down the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I mean, all these things are COOL too (sometimes), but that’s not exactly how us Angelenos hold things down on a Saturday afternoon.

Also, if I were to go to Miami and didn’t have any friends to bug, it’d be nice to have an itinerary of amazing places to go to that was created by a local who lives, breathes and loves Miami, and not something that was pre-picked out for me by

They’re only letting the 1st 500 people who sign up to come in and break sh*t, so I’d totally jump on it and request an invite if that’s your prerogative. I signed up last week and am #65, so I’m thinking there might be quite a few spaces left.

AND IN CLOSING, I’ve found the GREATEST MIXTAPE EVERRRRR! (for the summer of 2012.) It’s called Mic Check 1234 by Max Tannone. (Thanks Lost In a Supermarket!) It’s a mashup of punk and the hip hop of my generation. So expect Dead Prez + Sex Pistols, Mos Def and Talib-alicious Blackstar + the Ramones, Tupac + X. SUPER high energy, SUPER powerful, SUPER summer in an old Sparks can. I remember thinking how the creation of a beer + energy drink was just GENIUS back in college. ::thinks:: Still do.

Enjoy. It’s amazeballs.

What I love is it’s not Dead Prez VERSUS the Sex Pistols or Nas VERSUS Adolescents — which totally would have made perfect sense because there’s a history of battle raps in hip hop and male aggression in punk.

But this little f*cker, Max Tannone, he turns our expectations on their respective heads and gets these fine gentlemen to actually party together and CELEBRATE their greatness.

^__^ Heee.

Summer’s really here, folks.

Love and tacos,

P.S. I’m going to be off in Peru for 12-13 days. And I probably won’t have much internet access, if any. But I’ll be setting up a few ghost posts (THANK YOU WORDPRESS) to go public in my absence. So if London Bridge comes falling down, if the stars plummet from the sky, if the mighty trucks of Kogi suddenly go all Transformers on us and start terrorizing the city and this blog here’s talking about shiny things and cool sh*t, NOW YOU’LL KNOW WHY.

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