CHEGO FOR LUNCH: puttin the “fine” in FINALLY.

Good LORD, finally. It’s only taken us about 2 years to get here, peoples.  And, like all things Chego, certain rules and stipulations apply.

But for now, let’s take a moment and just enjoy the news.   CHEGO.  ESS.  OPEN.  FOR.  ZEY LUNCHES.

Ahhhhhhhhhhh… sometimes I miss the early-to-mid-90’s pretty hard. When Miss Jackson was at the top of her game, flat tops were cool and men and women were wearing neon bicycle shorts like it was nobody’s business. Hot men were not “cute” back then, they were “FINE”.

Life was a lot simpler before the Nokia cellphone craze, the interwebs and reality shows based on self-indulgent subcultures. It was a time when both mousse and gel were mandatory for awesome hair, the only blockbuster celebrity fragrance was by Elizabeth Taylor and that anything beyond 95% fat-free was considered health food. Trans fat? What’s that? Gluten? Is that a vitamin-supplement? Favorite chefs? His name’s Boyardee.

This is not to say that the early to mid 90s didn’t have its own shadow side, but there seemed to be a lot less to worry about when nobody was taking antidepressants. But, hey, I was a kid back then, so what do I know?


HOURS: 11:30AM-2:30PM, Tues-Sat
MENU: Ebberything’s that available for dinner, sans the Rock Yer Road, Weekly Specials, $12 Salad and Pina Krackalada. (Nobody fiends for krack anyway until the sun goes down, so, you know…) Link to the lunch menu can be found HERE.
SPECIAL RULES: Take-out only via ONLINE or IN-PERSON. No, we won’t be taking orders over the phone. Yes, we do take both cash and credit card as long as the plastic’s in Visa or Mastercard.

So there ya have it. Lunch hath been officially launched. ENJOY IT.

Love and ricebowls,

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  1. Sleepyhead says:

    But can we get lunch at night?


    Humble Patron

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