…I think.

There are already reviews and mentions on BlindBarber here and there, but when I clicked on their website, there’s still a big ole countdown to the LA opening:

…sooooooooo I’m thinking we can welcome them with greater fanfare in a week.  Perhaps.  Or now, perhaps.  Regardless of when they’re officially opened, I do wish them a “Welcome, welcome!”

I’ve been meaning to post up a good neighbourly/neighborly post for… I guess almost a YEAR,  but there’s really no time like the present (it’s a GIFT!), especially when we’ve got a new kid on the block.  (Forgive me, neighbors, I was raised by wolves and really have no concept of manners or propriety.  I still think thank-you cards are a waste of trees.)

Yes, they hail from New York.  Yes, it’s called The BlindBarber.  And yes, they put the “BAR” in “BARber”.  So yeah, one might want to think twice about having one’s hair cut in a bar by a barber who may or may not create eyebrow-raising wonders with a pair of sharp scissors in the dark.  Especially if the barber really IS blind.  Or a teetotaler.  Pick yer poison. But won’t you have fun drinking it…!

Kind of reminds me of a masculine version Beauty Bar, which was uber popular back in the day, only less kitschy and more sophistimacated.  Plus, they’re from New York.

And as ambivalent as some Angelenos like myself feel about New York sometimes — especially when it comes to a debate about “culture” and whether or not LA has any (I’m serious!!  I challenge you to find a New Yorker in New York who has kind things to say about LA! It’s a POOPular New York pastime to sh*t on LA! PUN definitely INTENDED!) — these boys are perfectly nice and, from what I gather, very, very good looking.

The dude Jeff from BlindBarber who swung by Chego the other week was well-groomed and gorgeous enough to elicit a small sigh in my little heart.  As for the rest of the BlindBarber posse, according to Yelp they are certifiably beautiful.

And it certainly doesn’t hurt that, in true New York fashion, they take what they do very seriously.  As gimmicky as the concept MIGHT sound, there aren’t very many bars that appear to know how to walk that fine line of being both serious about the craft with a solid sense of fun and good humor/humour.  (And I’m not talking restaurant/bars, but bar-bars and those of a speakeasy ambiance.)

Besides.  We’re LA!  We have short attention spans!  And we love gimmicks!

Ladies, as you can see, this ain’t no beauty parlor/parlour, but I’ve been assured that they have something to offer us off-menu, a-la-animal-style.  Ahahaha, and if you’re not into animal-style haircuts, but you’re dating a man with a swanky sense of style or wanting to date a man with a swanky sense of style, this will probably be the place to frequent on a Thursday or Friday night.  Plus, who can hate on a bar that names their drinks “Batman” and “Smoke and Dagger”?  It’s got MEN written all over it.  30-ish, boyishly successful men of culture, but men, nonetheless.

Since the water in LA is markedly different from New York tap, I’m super curious to see how BlindBarber grows into its own shoes a year from now.

Anyway, totally give those boys a chance!  They’re beautiful!  And could teach you a thing or two about shaving — or, at the very least, a grilled cheese sandwich.

10797 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA

Though one of the co-owners and I may have had our differences in the past (in a nutshell, he would just say or do things that just REALLY rubbed me the wrong way, and y’all know how I get when people rub me the wrong way), we’ve since made peace and he regularly makes friendly gifts of deliciously delicious ice cream in deliciously delicious flavors.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that they’ve got a serious coffee program that would make for a supremely heavenly affogato.

Aside from the classic brown bread ice cream, I like when they foray into flavors like pandan and cardamom.  Lord, MAKE me a creamy yummy cardamom-laced ice cream and I will BE there in 2 seconds flat.  Give or take a little classic LA traffic.

I’ve seen a few reviews saying that Scoops Westside isn’t the same as the original Scoops which, therefore, makes it BAD — but let me say this to you: as long as a shop’s still mom-and-pop, the sister or cousin-ly locations are never going to be a 100% knock-off of the original.  I should know.

When your bags of meat or pre-packaged ingredients don’t come from a factory, the food you cook in the kitchen is going to come out a little differently at each separate location.  It’s called the human touch.  And even though we source the same ingredients from the same places, the tacos at Alibi Room taste just a LITTLE bit different from the way they do on the trucks.  They’re still f*cking delicious, but they’re not identical.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that while it’s okay to have a set of expectations, have those expectations be correct.  Isn’t it GOOD to know that the brown bread ice cream isn’t quite the same at the Westside location as at the original location?  Lord, that tells you that the same flavor isn’t made from the same batch in some warehouse in the meatpacking district of LA.

Psh.  Sometimes I like my coffee with a little more milk on some mornings than others.  And I love different versions of the same thing.  Think of the many amalgamations of imported green tea Pocky over the past decade.  They may not have all been identical, but a good handful of them were equally as good as the others.

Anyway, they are more literal neighbors, who live just a hop, skip and a jump away from Chego.  And whenever we run out of Rock Yer Road or Sriracha bars, I definitely nudge all the sweet toothes to mosey on over to Scoops Westside for dessert.

3400 Overland Avenue,
Palms, CA

They may not be LITERAL neighbors, but I like and dig that their cooks come by Chego every so often.  And they always bring SUCH INTERESTING BEERS.  I forget the name of the cook that came by most regularly — Danny?  Daniel?  I forget.  But I liked him.  He was a sweetheart.

1303 Westwood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA


Who CARES if it’s “real” beer or not?  It’s brewed with TOASTED COCONUT.  And has a really cute label to boot!

Authenticity be damned.  If it tastes good and brings you a good time, who really cares, I say.

Do they carry this variety at Trader Joe’s?  It seems like something that TJ’s would carry.  Or Whole Foods.  Seriously, I want to try it.  Just pour a rittle bit over a good vanilla or toffee brittle ice cream.  And I don’t even like beer!

Anyway, much love to the boys in our neighborhood.  And hopefully we can get some more ladies on the easterly side of the westside.  And if we have, pop in and say hello!  ::waves::

Love and tacos,

P.S. My favorite track of the moment now that it’s getting all sunny and happy outside! And YES, it’s supposed to be silent/mute the first 12 seconds. ENJOY!


  1. JoeBlow says:

    Try Bevmo for the Koko Brown beer.

    If not there, then Total Wine can do a special order for it.

  2. money B says:

    hello! FYI sixers of the koko brown can be found at the whole foods in santa monica. i should know because i first tried it in kauai two years back, then have spent the better of those two years trying to find it in LA. good luck and cheers!

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