nah, we ain't bringing malasadas back. but we still ruv youse!

I thought this looked festive enough for the occasion.  And in case you’re thinking, “Is this a selfish it’s-Alice’s-birthday-today post?”, let me be the first to tell you that you’d be thinking absolutely riiiiiiiiiiight.


Because everything’s been going delightfully wroooooooooong today.  Since I work the register at Chego tonight I wanted to book an extra early super quickie… um, spa treatment for my birthday.  Is that what you call it?  They basically wrap you and heat for about an hour so you can sweat out a lot of real and imaginary toxins.  Afterwards you tend to feel very light and glow-y.

But for some reason, as it turns out, the person taking care of the mornings had gotten the appointment times mixed up and arrived an hour late, which kind of backed up everything else for me in terms of responsibilities and duties for the day.  No biggie.  It happens!

But because the peoples were scrambling to still set up the space, there was a lot of cell phone action with people yammering on their phones as they rushed in and out of the room where I’m awkwardly wrapped up in heated towels and sweating like it’s Christmas in August, interrupting my time with Enya and other yoga-friendly music.

strangers + no makeup/schweaty Alice = uncomfortably awkward embarrassment

Of course, being late, that meant the people after me are getting started late, so I was kind of apologetically shoved out the door as I was halfway dressed. But, on the upside, they did give me a $15 gift certificate in honor of my birthday, so it wasn’t all that bad.

I tried to “stop by” the grocery store, but got held up.  (Though not at gunpoint.)  A lot of ambulances and car chases today apparently.

And then I came home today to receive a phone call from one of my many overseers/bosses (yes, I’ve got 4-5 different people to answer to, I’m a typical 20-something in the aspect that I’ve got 3-4 different jobs going on at the same time) to kinda chew me out for something I was asked to do.  It’s one of those situations wherein which someone asks you to do something and you do it to help them out and help the company, but later they reprimand you for it because they didn’t like the WAY you did it.

It’s kinda like someone asking you at the last minute to cover their shift because they have an emergency, which you do, but later they complain that you didn’t do things the way they wanted you to do them, even though they never told you in the first place how they wanted you to have it done.  Make sense?  I know.  That run-on was a little wordy.  And may or may not invoke a lot of mommy issues for those of you who have mommy issues.

STILL.  ::flails arms:: These things HAPPEN.  And, surprisingly enough, I don’t feel too poorly about it.  I like to be a glass half-full kinda gal.  In general, what this does is have me fairly determined to find a little bit of happy on my birthday.


See this shirt? This was a limited-run, hand-designed shirt by Reese Panganiban, one of the winners of the one and only Kogi t-shirt design context back in 2009.  We pretty much sold out of these ones fairly quickly, though as I was cleaning out my apartment and poking around, I found that I have 1 shirt left in size medium, factory-fresh.

Isn’t it adoraberr?  And yes, that’s Roy Choi Papi Chulo hanging out the driver’s side of the Kogi truck with a Kogi line trailing out behind it.

And, to my knowledge, there’s only 1 left of its original and only run.  AND I’VE GOT IT RIGHT HERE IN MY HANDS.

Basically, the first person who comes in tonight (ugh, or let’s be real here, THIS WEEK — who reads this blog right away anyway??) and gives me a birthday hug that feels REAL and REAL SPECIAL (no getting too handsies, though) will receive this LAST REESE PANGANIBAN DESIGNED KOGI SHIRT FROM THE ORIGINAL, SUPER LIMITED RUN.

I can even get someone to sign it for you if you want or if that somehow does not degrade the value or quality of this super rare piece of Kogi history.

Love and tacos,

P.S. I might be coordinating a short photo shoot w/ LA Mag (not for ME, sillies, the chubby pork belly bowl!!) at Chego at 5:30, so I probably won’t be getting your orders messed up until 6PM.  😀

P.P.S. Please be nice to me.  Ess mah birthday.

P.P.P.S.  Please don’t come to the counters tonight when there’s a line out the door and start hemming and hawing over what you want to get and then go about changing your orders the minute I ring them in.  And then ask to change it to not spicy.  And then to ask to have the eggs scrambled and on the side.  And then change your mind again because you want to start all over.  Please don’t do that.    ::awkward smile:: It’s my birthday.

P.P.P.P.S.  Please come in knowing EXACTLY what you want and how you want it and have another great, HAPPY, fun-filled night at Chego.   😀  It’s my birthday.  And a very simple thing like that would make me very, VERY happy tonight indeed!  Love you guys!  (( H U G ))



  1. lua says:

    happy birthday!!!!!! I heart you!

  2. Tim says:

    Long-distance birthday hugz4u! Well, not technically a real long distance, but if you factor in traffic…

  3. Stitch Tran says:

    Happy Birthday! Lots of hugs from the Blue guy. I would so come down there but I’m so far away tonight. 🙁

  4. popepat says:

    Much love!!!!!!

  5. Sleepyhead says:

    Happy Belated Birthday and Hug!!!

    or alternately, Very Happy Pre-Birthday 2013!!

    It will be on the same date next year, right?

    Sleepyhead ~~~

  6. Stitch Tran says:

    Can I ship you a birthday gift? 😀 It would be cheaper than me driving… Or I’ll get one of your trucks to drop it off for me.

  7. Jonathan says:

    I usually never read this blog (sorry), but for some reason felt compelled to today…

    So here’s a ‘belated-cake-in-the-back-of-your-fridge’ from the ‘pina krackalada with chicken’ guy…high five —

  8. Alice Shin says:

    lua — thank you, dear!

    Tim — (( H U G )) It’s L.A. We ALWAYS have to factor in traffic!

    Stitch Tran — that’s what spaceships are for, buddy! Ahahaha, your fist bump on this blog is birthday gift enough for me. Super sweet though, thank you! Love youse!

    Popepat — thank you, thank you! And THANK you!

    Sleepyhead — according to the Mayan calendar, it shall be the end of time as we know it. So the date of my 2013 birthday will be TBD. But thank you for jumping the time space continuum to send me future birthday wishes.


    (( MASSIVE H U G )) Thank you ebberbody for allowing me to be self-indulgent this week! And thank you to Sam to wished me happy birthday at Chego last week. I hope you and your shirt are very happy together. 🙂


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