a small apology and other goodies

Ahaha.  Haaaaaaaaaaaa….  –__–

So, if you were any of the 300 people or so who couldn’t get into the Santigold show because you were not on some guest list that I wasn’t even aware that existed, I FEEL VERY BADLY.  And I’m not the only one:

from Papi: Sorry I couldn’t hang with y’all but I had to fight for the people, by any means necessary. So I hung with the stragglers all night getting them closer and closer to a party I promised the public would be free. Fucked up shit, yo. I hope Santigold made it all worth it! 16 more days of our fantasy pop up restaurant. You know how we do!

So there you have it.

Basically what went down was that the whole music and DJ component of the LA A/V Transmission Festival is supposed to be completely free to the public.  However, when security realized that, with the amount of people that were arriving, that we were wayyy past capacity, they kinda flipped out and cracked down really hard on crowd control.  Not violently so, but in a we-take-our-jobs-and-your-safety-very-seriously kind of way.


I know that there were some people who had driven 3 hours through traffic from San Diego just to watch her perform live and for that I feel very badly.  On the other hand, much kudos to the people who stuck around anyway and were like, “F*ck it!  I don’t care if they don’t let me in.  I”mma stand outside and LISTEN to her perform.”

As for me, I barely got in through the skin of my teeth (do teeth have skin??  where did this expression come from??) and actually had to pull the I’m-the-vendor card and flash my Kogi business card.  And it was still coco-nuts.

I really do feel bad, though.  It was pretty swanky once you got inside and, I’m not security, but I think the venue could have easily squeezed in an extra hundred people or so comfortably.  But I guess they were afraid of people bum-rushing the stage, which I personally don’t think would’ve been the worst thing in the world.

Santigold was golden.  The show was twice as amazing as I’d anticipated.  Her dancing pips were HARDCORE.  Her voice lasted the entire night without strain.  We heard some new tracks from her her album.

And the fact that there were a bunch of people just standing around with their drinks looking on asking who that was or that half the audience was just watching and not even bobbing their heads to her house-hip-hop-indie-ish-dancehall-electropop-infused music really irked me.  Because there were at least 200 people still outside the gates who showed up specifically for Santigold and would have totally amped up the energy of the crowd.

And so I danced like it was crazyballs.

I guess… I guess to show that I really wanted to be there.  And that I wasn’t there because my name was on some guest list and it was the cool place to be in LA that night.

I understand the purpose of guest lists — hey, it’s gotten me in quite a few amazing shindigs in the past few years — but on the flip side of things, when there are that many people who genuinely want to get in, it bothers me when I see a good percentage of the people who DID get in just standing around with their free drinks talking and showing but a mild interest in the festivities.

That’s also why sometimes when  friend tells me that she’ll put me on “The List” to get me into a party, I’ll let her know that I won’t be coming if I really don’t feel like being there 100%.  Sigh.  I know.  First World problems.  ::rolls eyes::

Uf.  I’ve probably said too much.  Let’s hope that no one of importance reads the post this week, because they’ll probably try to have me take half of this down because sometimes my opinions rock the boat a bit.  But before I can get muzzled, I did want to get that off my chest.  And who knows?  Maybe no one will try censoring me this week.  For the most part I kinda fly under the radar.

Also, let me clarify that I just wanted to express bad feelings, guilt and annoyance with what went down last Thursday night, and want to assert that I totally understand that security and the “They” were completely overwhelmed and taken aback by the number of people who showed up for the event and were just doing their jobs. And trying to prevent any potential fire hazards and human stampeding. No one wants a Black-Friday-Sale-at-Target kind of situation on their hands.

They’ve since amended their statement in regards to the free-99 quality of the music and dj sets:

Please note: the concerts and the DJ series are FREE to all ages and open to the public but subject to capacity limitations.  Be sure to check the website and facebook page each week for updates and ticketing information.

That said, it’s still an amazing festival with really off-the-chain art exhibits and a solid concert-and-DJ set and I’d encourage people to STILL come.  Just…not in droves like last Thursday night, but you know, just trickle in one-by-one if you can manage that.

Thu, April 26: Jeremy Sole and Egyptian Lover
Fri, April 27: Special Guest
Sat, April 28: Z-Trip
Thu, May 3: DJ Harvey and James Murphy
Sat, May 5: Diplo and Mad Decent Crew

On a fairly unrelated note, since it is related to music, but has nothing to do with the show, has anyone ever followed Ailee/Amy Lee? A KA gal from Jersey who started singing on Youtube and just released her first single in Korea.

I thought she was pretty good back in ’07, but it kind of floors me how much her voice has developed in 5 years. The first clip is one of her first youtube videos on a recording session. The 2nd video is her participation in a South Korean TV special called Singers and Trainees. Basically an established singer takes someone under his or her wing and then has them compete against the other trainees for a prize. Don’t ask what the prize is because I didn’t look that far into it. That’s why you can see the dude in the sunglasses looking on with such love and pride, like a good papa bear watching his baby bear perform in public for the first time, though Ailee’s been making the underground circuit for a while now if you follow the Esna diaries on youtube.

And here’s her newly dropped single:

Speaking of music’s that’s been newly dropped, Santigold’s album just dropped yesterday in the UK, which means I will be keeping a look out on youtube this week to hear it in its entirety. Veree excited.

In the meantime, here is a link to sample her new album on soundcloud. Of course, if you’re like me and NOT currently hitting up wifi in the UK, some of the songs have been blocked off.


For those who are confused, “lobsterback” was once a derogatory term for members of the British Army during the American Revolution who could be easily spotted miles away due to the brightness of their red coats.

Love and tacos,

P.S. Good lord, let us hope that I can stop apologizing in the NEXT POST, for Fate and public sentiment with Kogi hath not been especially kind these past few weeks. Wouldn’t it be better to say “THANK YOU” instead of “SORRY!!! buh…again!” in the next one?


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  1. Omar Pulido says:

    Thanks for all the love at the event man! Me and my girl were one of the unlucky few who weren’t able to get down and boogie with Santigold. Your food kept us going and definitely got the crowd in a better mood. My Kogi respect level went up to a whole new level. Love the food, the company and what you guys stand for. Thanks for keeping it real man.

    – Omar

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