WHITE COLLAR WATER: Cuz It Does a Body Good.

bee tee dubs, I cannot take credit for dubbing zey milk as "white collar water" -- that honor would go to the dude grinning like a lactose-loving fool in the photo

The choice in beverages at our little brother Chego has been getting more and more eclectic since I posted about our new and improved BYOB policy.  (ATTN winos: please supply your own cups and corkscrews, lest we do not anger the Law.) Though, to be fair, the increased presence of milk goes hand in hand with the fact that we have a very well-stocked liquor store next door and also that the spice level at Chego may be a bit much for those who grew up with a very Japanese/Filipino/Salvadorean/British/standard American diet.

Just about EVERYTHING in Chego has got chillies in it.  EVEN OUR MEATBALLS.

‘This, I should know and be well aware of since around the opening of Chego I was on a strange regimen(as all Angelenos do at least a handful of times in their 20s and 30s it is a PART of our CULTURE)  that consisted of no chillies, no cheese, no pork, no alcohol, etc., and it took me a few moments to realize, “Oh, sh*t” I couldn’t eat anything on the menu.  If it didn’t have chillies, it had cheese.  If it didn’t have cheese, it had chillies.

So I can understand why our diners start hittin the dairy once they begin to shovel our delicious chilli-happy rice into their mouths.


For those sensitive to even black pepper, I’d recommend for you to get thee to the liquor store and buy an ice-cold, deliciously refrigerated, heat-zapping, creamy-soothing quart of cow juice.  What would I recommend for vegans?  Mmmm… an extra scoop of plain rice on the side or that electrolyte-heavy Vita Coco that they’re always sipping on these days.  I’m guessing.

Heat is relative. And there’s no shame in claiming a half-gallon of 2% for the table.

ALSO — for those who break out in hives at the sight of Sriracha, I have lovingly compiled a list of items you can order that have low to no heat factor:

  1. Grilled Romaine Hearts
  2. Ooegy Gooey Fries with JUST CHEESE and pickled garlic (no sour cream sambal sauce)
  3. $12 Salad
  4. Tiny’s Prime Rib Rice Plate — no chillies, no Sriracha, creamed horseradish on the side
  5. Steak in the Heart
  6. Sour Cream Hen House w/ no sour cream, no chilies, no salsa naranja
  7. Most of our burger specials w/ sauce on the side
  8. Any of our desserts, w/ exception of Sriracha Bar

So y’all have got options.  And for menu item descriptions, please click HERE.

My two other top picks of the week for eclectic drinks is a beer (no surprise here) and something I haven’t seen before at Chego.

I don't know why a beer imported all the way from Tibet impresses me, but IT REALLY DOES. Grashus, Danny from Fundamental, who let me not-so-surreptitiously snap a picture of his drink.

There's nothing like a bottle of sake, an elegant glass and a porcelain chopstick holder that reminds me of how lovably grungy and down-home Chego really is.

And though this post is getting a bit Chego-heavy, Kogi had a good time holding it down w/ Mark Peel at the Tar Pit mash up last week.  The dining room was pretty much packed til closing time, the music was most excellent (Yay, Adam from Pollyn!) and the food was so damn good I’d completely forgotten to take pictures.

Alice <-- BAD ASIAN But I did manage to snap a nice kitchen>

And it’s all good, since the Tar Pit team more than adequately took over my duties for the night and edited down that nights footage into one winsome little video:


Love and tacos,


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