Springtime in the LBC, Chego Take Out and BROWN RICE

Mmmmm. All-natural, gamma-oryzanol-enriched brown rice. NOW with naturally-occurring inositol hexaphosphate! And it’s available at Chego. For a PRICE.

$2 to upgrade yer regular ole chubby pork to a brown-rice-rich bowl of the chubs. $2.50 if you want it on the side.
No, it ain’t cheap! And for those of y’all who need explanations, here’s why:
1) all natural brown rice costs more than short grain white rice
2) longer cooking times + diff cooking temps = extra dimension of labor for the kitchen
3) made in smaller batches
4) must be cooked in a separate vessel than the white rice

Also, our bowls are ideally to be eaten with white rice. Just like a grilled cheese sandwich that harkens back to your childhood will ideally be made with Kraft singles and not a combination of aged cheddar and muenster. Campbell’s tomato soup and not a chilled heirloom tomato bisque.

But have there been some peoples DEMANDING for brown rice to be on the menu? And claiming that they’d be willing to front the extra cost? ABSOLUTELY. And yes. Hell, every once in a while, even I like the nutty taste of brown rice in my bowl. I’m not an ascetic purist. (Shout out to SAT Word Prep, circa 1999!) And, besides, that would antithetical to my grudge against the striving for cultural authenticity. (Cuz if you’re striving for it, it probably ain’t so authentic. But that’s a topic for another thesis.)

So, if y’all want a little natural brown on your rice, I’ll gladly upgrade your bowl. With a smile.

But… if you want to nag me about the $2 upcharge and to haggle your way to knocking a dollar off your bowl in the process, I’ll just grit my teeth in my best Rumplestiltskin grin and ring up your bowl accordingly.

I mean, this ain’t the Silverlake Flea Market and the prices are pretty much set. So for the passive aggressive bullies out there, please save the dramatically loud sighing and heated commentary to your embarrassed dining companion that I’m personally ripping you off. (Yes! I’ve experienced this quite a few times last week!) It holds up the line and it leaves a bad taste in both our mouths.

Either go brown or go white, I don’t care! Just please refrain from the haggling, eye rolling and passive aggressive commentary.

::holds up hands::

Dude. I didn’t set the prices. When I’m at Chego, I’m just a cashier.


I hate doing this every year or so, but food costs are still going up. And to keep the kitchens running, we’ve got to raise them accordingly. A dollar here, a dollar there, but thankfully everything on the menu is still $10 or under.


Starting this April, online take out orders for Chego will become a reality. More details next week, but for those of you who dread the Russian Roulette of will-there-or-won’t-there-be-a-line-at-Chego, this is probably a good an option as any.


Long Beach County: Permits We HAZ.

Yes, we want to kick it with Warren G, Nate Dogg, Dove Shack and Snoop for the season. We just need to find that prime location. So people of Long Beach crying out for a little Kogi, tell us where you want the truck to park it and we’ll roll up this season — just as long as we’re 200ft away from restaurants and 500ft away from public schools during operating hours.

Cross streets, addresses and satellite images via Google Maps are alllll welcome to be posted in the comments section below or emailed to me at

Love and tacos,


0 Responses to Springtime in the LBC, Chego Take Out and BROWN RICE

  1. Jake Bloo says:

    please please please open up a Chego on the Eastside. How about taking over that empty Blockbuster?

  2. Madison says:

    You guys should hit up CSULB’s outer limits on bellflower or atherton. Plenty of hungry college students and technically your a half mile away from the physical school and restaurants on campus. Alternative place is 7th street and ohio (which puts you right in the middle of the yuppies, hipsters and the ghetto). No schools around and the restaurants are at least a block away.

  3. Patrick says:

    Can you guys thug it in parking lots? There’s a pretty nice, open lot that belongs to a Walmart on Carson & Paramount. Another alternative open lot is at the Long Beach Town Center (or around there), which is right off the 605 freeway.

    Heartwell Park, which runs along Carson is also pretty sweet. There’s a portion where you can park in the lot around Woodruff or Palo Verde… I’m not sure.

    By the beach is pretty sweet too. There’s a park on Junipero (or Cherry) and Ocean Blvd. You guys can probably park your truck along Ocean (if there’s no parking), or in the little streets at the park.

  4. Patrick says:

    Also (lol sorry for the long posts), but I’m not sure if they’d consider it part of “school property,” but would Veteran’s Stadium on Clark & Conant work?

    There’s a lot of open space around there too, since it’s by the LB airport, and they shut down some of the Boeing offices.


  5. Micah says:

    Hartwell Park (Carson / Woodruff) is a huge park that has thousands of people there every weekend for little league sports. Great place for Saturdays

  6. Manny Fresh says:

    A previous poster mentioned Bixby Park off of Ocean Blvd in between Cherry and Junipero. There are no schools nearby, there are some restaurants nearby but if you parked in the park on first street you would be farther than 200 ft away from the restaurants on Broadway. I think it would be a perfect location, its always busy in this area with tons of foot traffic. I have noticed in the past they sometimes have special events at the park with food trucks, so Ive seen it happen before! We miss the home depot signal hill stops… what happened? WE NEED MORE KOGI IN THE LBC!

  7. John says:

    Man, Bixby Park would be awesome. I would be able to walk to you from my place…

    CSULB spot a couple of weeks ago was good though. Just get back out to Long Beach more please

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