YES.  Starting next week, April 3rd, we’ll taking online take-out orders for little brother Chego. Though invisible at the moment, we’ll be adding a little button to dishcloud on our Chego webpage HERE.

So all those people who call in during dinner time to put in takeout orders who know we don’t take takeout orders over the phone, but try, try in vain anyway can REJOICE.

The upsides to online ordering?

1) No risking the Russian roulette of waiting in line.  Just put in your order, tell us what time you want to pick it up and it should be wrapped up and ready to go.
2) No scrambling at the self service to-go table.  As mentioned above, WE PACK IT FOR YOU.

The basic dance steps go as follows, 5, 6, 7, 8:

1.  Click on online button on Chego webpage to place order.  Minor modifications on order are possible.  (Spicy, mild, NO SPICY WHATSOEVER, etc.)
2.  Payment by credit card only.  $2.50 convenience fee will be added to every order $50 or under.  $5 for orders over $50.  No more than $100 order can be placed online. (So if it’s a huuuuuuge order, might as well call in the day before and put in a catering order. )
3.  Print receipt, have receipt ready on smart phone, or show ID that matches name on the pickup order to show proof of purchase when they get here.
4.  Come in, skip the line, wait at the front of the butt-rest in front of the kitchen with receipt or phone ready and let the runner know you’re there for pick up
5.  Runner will verify receipt and hand you your hot, steaming order.

–__–; And, f course, like all things at Chego, rules and restrictions apply:

1.  No sauce on the side. There are often 3-5 different sauces in a bowl.  It’s a pain to pack and we don’t have tiny cuppy lids anyway.  Either order it with the sauces or without.  You also have the option of going LIGHT ON said sauces.  And that’s pretty much that.
2.  If y’all are ordering pick up, y;all need to lovingly take your delicious food home, ie: no dining in the restaurant. Just based on a now not-so-silent code of honor, eating-while-sitting at Chego’s reserved for those who’ve earned their place by waiting in line.  Hope you can understand!

Any questions or concerns, just pop em on down in the comments section of the blog.

Love and ricebowls,



  1. Steve says:

    I’m waiting for the inevitable backlash: $2 extra for brown rice, now $2.50 extra for online ordering! Next up, $3 extra for water and extra napkins. Sorry, shouldn’t have brought up napkins…my baaad.

  2. Kevin says:

    I love you guys. To me, kogi and chego along with a-frame and sunny spot IS Los Angeles food culture. I hope you continue to thrive and grow.

    Cheers to happy full tummys 😉


  3. Stitch Tran says:

    Any chance that you will ever sell bottles of your sauces again? My friends love the sauces for dipping eating… adding on to our foods… 😛

  4. papi says:

    There is no nickel and diming going on. The OG Chego experience is still there in all it’s glory.
    We just have to offset some costs here and there in order to give you the sweet spot and keep the core right where it needs to be.
    And where it needs to be is our honest busting ass approach to give you the best food we can at the most affordable/friendly prices.
    So, don’t talk shit with out knowing the truth.
    I rep LA and OC and have been feeding you with the utmost honesty for almost four years now.
    Don’t trip.
    I’ll let you know if we ever jump the shark.
    And that won’t happen under my watch.
    Get past the little bumps here and there and see the food as it really is.
    It’s still and will always be here for, you!

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