While this may not be THE face of innovation, this honor has been a longtime coming for our very own Papi Chulo Roy Choi.

Look at him, sitting all regal like he’s about to introduce yet another episode of Masterpiece Theater. I wish they’d given him a cup of tea as a prop to seal the deal, but the backwards cap should suffice for now.


And just in case the embed code doesn’t work, CLICK HERE.

AND IN OTHER NEWS… (give me a day to update w/ pictures)

CHEGO NOW HAS BROWN RICE! I will cost you $2 extra to have the more fibrous, vitamin-rich cousin of white rice in your bowl, w/ $2.50 for an extra scoop on the side, but at least y’all now have that option. The reason being is that we make the brown-hued cousins in smaller batches and they have a slightly different cooking process.


Also, we’ve been fighting it for over a year now, but we increased the price of some of our items. We’ve just accepted the food costs are not going down anytime soon, especially with the price of gas skyrocketing. (Yes, these two factors are interrelated. Like kissing cousins.)

The increase isn’t super steep, just a dollar here, a dollar there, but I’ll take a pic tonight and update this post with VISUALS to give y’all a better idea.

In the meantime, hath anyone been listening to EnVivo on channel 147 of Sirius XM? Namely the LAMC Mixtape that plays on the weekends? It’s a delicious, eclectic mix of music that ISN’T ALWAYS READILY AVAILABLE.

CASE IN POINT: Santullo.

I had to Shazam the show at some point to locate the artist and name of this song right here:

If it takes me longer than 2 minutes to hunt the band down, I get frustrated. (Welcome to 2012.) If I like a song, I want it now. And wanting it now means being able to download the album in mp3 format and programming it into my Pandora.

But according to Pandora, this Argentinian band doth not exist.

And according to, the mp3 version of the album is not available.

I mean, come on. What is this? 2007??

When it comes to music, I admit, I’m a little sleazy. I’ll get around. I’ll pick up an mp3 here and there, but I hardly ever commit to a full album these days. (Last one was probably Fat Freddy’s Drop: Based on a True Story) I just don’t have the time or patience to REALLY UNDERSTAND the artist/band and narrative development of the album.

It’s like dating around without being interested in getting to know the person, if ya know what I mean.


So it’s weighing on me that I might have to commit to buying an entire album ON CD to get a hold of this song. Not to mention pay shipping and handling fees and the whole waiting for my mail order bride to come in through the sloth-like pace of the postal service. I feel shackled down. Unready. But I am itching for the good stuff.

I’ve listened to small snippets of the other songs on the album and… I’m not as crazy about alllllll of them as I am about Amargo Letargo.

Anyway, I guess it’s happened. I’ve become an obnoxious customer. ::makes a face::

The kind that comes into Chego and says, “Can I have the Chubby Pork Belly bowl? But I just want the rice and meat and 1 watermelon radish. And no red sauces. I think that might be too spicy. Just the green and brown ones. And take off the peanuts, too. I don’t like peanuts, they get stuck in my teeth. And I don’t like the smell of cotija cheese, could you take that off? And I’m not crazy about cilantro, could I substitute something else?”

Sometimes I just want to tell them TRY THE WHOLE BOWL FIRST before deciding what they will or will not like. Because Chego food’s like that. When divided into the sum of its parts, it doesn’t always make sense. But when you have it all together, it’s kind of a ghetto masterpiece.

When it comes to music, I kinda just want what I want and am not interested in seeing if I’ll want anything else that comes with the artist attached to it. OBNOXIOUS.

I guess we shall see. Yaaaaaaar!

Love and tacos,


0 Responses to BIZBASH INNOVATION ISSUE: hell YES, peoples!

  1. christian alquiza says:

    True story.

  2. Sleepyhead says:

    This is grrreat! Thanks for sharing. And btw, I like
    my chubby pork belly bowl with everything AND
    the kitchen sink! Sorry if that is a health code violation.
    Cheers, love and good will,

  3. Cris says:

    I miss your food. Vegas isn’t that far away but I have to work tomorrow. I love it all. I have always made it a rule to take an order the way a chef had intended to present it. You guys have never failed – if anything THAT IS THE BEST PART. The curiosity of having ingredients I never thought would touch on a plate opening up a whole new world of taste for people. That is what is seared to my tongue about kogi.

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