welcome to miami…mini post!

Aloha, y’all — I’mma try to keep this relatively updated whilst I’m out of state for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. So don’t expect fine literature (like y’all never do anyway), but just some basic impressions of the city. I have video, but I’m a little pressed for time and it seems the Windows Movie Maker on my laptop just ain’t cuttin it for mov files.

ALSO, I’ll try to bring out my inner Asian and take more pictures. Because it’s friggin gorgeous out here, with all the white sand beaches and not-so-salty ocean water that’s a fine 79 degrees.

We spent helping prep over 1,000 pounds of short rib in some magical marinade. The culinary students we worked with were amazing little elves. All this is in prep of what’s called “The Q” today. And guess where Papi Chulo’s nestled in the midst of thangs??

BOO YAH. Emeril’s just two booths away! And as for Guy Fieri, I saw him chilling in the hospitality suite yesterday and YES his hair really IS that impossible shade of white Norwegian blonde. Don’t know what he’s cooking, though word on the street for Emeril is that he’s banging out some ribs for the barbecue.

Speaking of barbecue, snippet of a conversation I was eavesdropping on in the onion-and-cardboard-scented elevator — two dudes from Kansas City arguing that you can’t call it barbecue if the ribs are being prepped in an oven. “Thass called ovening. You cain’t call that barbecue!”

But they’ll just have to save that for the complaint department, which has very strict and very particular hours.

As for last night, we took a walk about and, lemme tell you, Miami is a TRIP…through time. Aside from the bumping hardcore 90’s house music enthusiastically pouring out of the lobbies of every hotel and bar in South Beach, they’ve got some serious interiors going on that are just CRYING for a little Zack Slater/Kelly Taylor/Cher Horowitz up in there.

Case in point:

IT WAS AWESOMELY INTENSE. I wish I could supplement this post with video! And I want to go there again!!

BUT I WON’T. Unless I want to be unbelievable late for the festivities and subsequent responsibilities.

BUT I WILL LEAVE YOU with a good teaser of what’s to come next week with the mash up smash up at Tar Pit. Forgive the music. I had to edit it through Youtube since my editing capabilities are so obviously limited here out in Miami. NOT that I’m complaining, and even if I were, I’ll have to save it for tomorrow, 9AM sharp.

Love, tacos and beach side barbecues,

P.S. If I’m not too embarrassed, I’ll do the whole touristy/fan thing and take a few pictures of some vereee inneresting personalities. And chefs!

P.P.S. Bee tee dubs! Not EVERY hotel in South Beach is rocking the 90s! There was an enchanting story book of swanky place called the Delano, I believe, that our very own Papi Chulo took us to. Or maybe it was the Gallano. I was reallllllly tired and frazzled by the time we got to stroll through its magnificent gardens and chill poolside. I’m not a hotel person, but just walking through this high-ceilinged, cirque-du-soleil-trapeze-fabric-festooned place was a real treat.

And here are some really horrible photos in horrible lighting to prove it.


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