Papi Chulo…hath arrived

It’s OUT!  It’s out, it’s out, it’s out — and I’M VERY EXCITED ABOUT IT.

This would be Papi Chulo’s first solo magazine cover and in-depth feature on the life and times of Roy Choi.  Part love letter to LA, part memoir, part Rolling-Stone-flavored mini biopic all rolled into one.  And as interesting and fascinating as Roy Choi is, I’ve got to tip my hat to the writer Oliver Saria who did a pretty fan-f*cking-tastic job.

…also to Mark Harris, who did a delicious job with the photography.

And for those of you semi-curious about Sunny Spot, here’s a little segment where Papi kinda-sorta talks about the food there.  Among other things:

And if you’d like to read a little more about it, I’d highly recommend for you to snag a copy of Koream right now.

As for keeping you posted on whatever else Papi Chulo’s cooking, we’ll be landing in South Beach next week for the Food and Wine Festival — so I’ll be snapping pictures (finally replaced my broken camera!) of the sandy beaches and the glut of glamorous food.  Granted, they won’t be DSLR quality (bad, Asian!  bad!) but they’ll have to suffice.

And for those who won’t be traveling all the way to Florida to see what he’s up to, we’ll be doing something extra special on the West side of LA this leap year with Mr. Mark Peel.

Happy V-Day, y’all.  Never doubt that we ruv youse.

Love, tacos and BOO-yah cover shots,


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