See y’all this Wednesday for dinner, yeah? As for a mini head’s up, it’s getting a bit hard to put in a reservation, but no worries — they’re still carving out a small space for walk-ins. Last I heard.

As for recaps from the SOBE WFF, I’ll share some pictures. I tried to put up some video to demonstrate how crazy about 90s house music Miami is (morning, noon and night, at the bar, in the lobby, poolside and curbside, etc.), but the audio didn’t turn out so great. 🙁

And YES, there ARE clubs up in Miami with the green lasers and women rocking bodycon dresses and sky-high heels. I felt like I was sucked into JLO’s “Waiting For Tonight” music video. If Las Vegas and Spring-Break-in-Mexico/CostaRica/Cuba had a baby, that baby would be South Beach Miami. Totally different world, totally different dimension, with frozen alcoholic beverages the size of econo-sized soup bowls and everyone from psychics to jewelry hawkers to beer cooler dudes peddling their wares up and down the beach while you lay out “for a very good price for you.”

All the while, 90% of the local men are bronzed, well-muscled and totally missed out on their chance at being cast for Baywatch. But then again, if they’re bringing back 21 Jump Street, they can always bring back a new school of sympathetic beach bunnies. As for the women, most of them are pretty busty with long legs, short dresses and long hair. Those who do not fall into either category tend to be tourists from New Jersey, NYC and Philly.

it's interesting to note that 35% of the tourist traps are dedicated to creating shelf space for creatively shaped shot glasses.

Also, I noticed a lot of people staring at us — and by us, I mean Natasha, ur Papi Chulo and myself. And it took just a few hours to realize that THERE ARE NO ASIAN PEOPLE IN SOUTH BEACH. (With the exception of tourists, like ourselves.)

All in all, we had a blast. South Beach is just the kinda town that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and if you elect to “when in Rome…”, a good time can be had for all. This is probably not the city for the intellect or cerebral hipster — even for irony’s sake. But if you’re cool with turning off your brain’s chatterbox, embracing those gorgeous white sand beaches and going out for Joe’s stone crabs, then you are gonna have an amazing time.

Oh, and it’s kinda sticky/humid out here, so I do not recommend denim, flat irons or impressively fashion-forward gear. Trust me. Ladies, do not bring those sky high heels. You might argue that the local, leggy Snooki-lookealikes are rocking them, but honeys, they’ve been practicing cat walking on sandy sidewalks in 6-inch heels since the age of 7.

It’s not worth it. And they eat up way too much space in your luggage.

Rock the beach dresses, lightweight tshirts, shorts and flip flops.

AS FOR THE FOOD FESTIVAL, we finally met the dudes behind the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

Unfortunately for myself and our team, we were so busy at our Korean barbecue station (LA-style, w/ salt chive kimchi) that none of us had the time to sample anything big or gay or that tasted like unicorns. That was one of my biggest FAILs there.

Also, apparently Coolhaus was there — it was super cool meeting Freiya and Natasha in person finally — but, again, I was unable to get anything cold and sweet and melty in my mouth.

The irony of a food festival of this size is that I hardly get a moment to eat anything substantial.

Here are shots of Papi Chulo holding it down for LA County, though, and doing us proud.

digging for meats the way some DJs dig for records.

Much love to MinYoung, Connie and the rest of the FIU crew for helping us marinate and cook off ove 1,000 pounds of LA County at The Q.

Not to mention, the chefs coat you’re gifted with is quite snazzy and just the ticket for Picture Day…

…which I’m guessing is sponsored by Belvedere vodka.

The Q in and of itself was a trip, as was seeing Guy Fieri being escorted off by 6 dangerous-looking bodyguards. And I think he needed it. I was surprised by how insanely excited some FieriFans were in grabbing a picture of him and his insanely frosted hair at his booth.

In any case, there was a good time to be had by all.

Papi Chulo was also invited to do a course at t private dinner at the Soho house, which was cool. What was even cooler was that I got to catch Angela Pinkerton plate an amazing dessert that I just can’t quite remember the name of…

It started with this peanut-brittley-tasting peanut paste and a “curried granola”, which was something like an extra crispy black and brown puffed rice with a hint of curry powder.

A ladylike spoonful of mango sorbet and another ladylike spoonful of extra toasty-tasting coconut sorbet and a sweet snowfall of coconut oil powder finished off the dessert… for the most part. There were two tart-tasting fruity balls that I can’t quite recall what they were other than how I’d just described them. In any case, I LIKED IT.

What I LOVED even more was a slightly simpler dessert at the Best of the Best event, which consisted of chocolate nougat, salted malted milk ice cream/gelato?, crushed eggshells of what tasted like dried meringue and possibly a sauce I can’t recall. What I CAN recall, however, is that I helped myself to 5 servings, since it was one of the only desserts worth eating and enjoying at the event, save Christina Tosi’s salted cake truffle balls…which she later piled up in a mini birthday cake for Papi Chulo.

Y’all can actually read a little bit about it HERE.

Drinks were drunk, festivities were held and all in all it wasn’t too bad at all hanging around the more down-to-earth-swanky side of the food world…

…which is just a shade or two different from the swanky-swanky side of the food industry, as evidenced by a small snapshot of the more entertaining side of some book release party we received a friendly invite to.

I guess Christmas comes early to Miami this year. Questions: are these Santa's leggy helpers or Santa's mistresses? Jury's still out.

I’ll later update with a Miami-in-less-than-60-seconds video of all the highlights I managed to capture.

Love and tacos,


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