French Kiss

Hebrew National Hot Dog in a bun with Dijon Mustard, Lengua, Salsa Azul kissed by itty bits of Goat Cheese – $7

Pictures coming soon!


0 Responses to French Kiss

  1. Pepina says:

    Looks gross! TONGUE Dog? Where’s the Grilled Cheezy Weezy?! Can you still order it? No reason to drive out there if not! ^_^

  2. Eric Shin says:

    @pepina sorry, no grilled cheasy weazies.

  3. Steven says:

    Lengua is amazing! People need to try it more

  4. jon says:

    It was good! The idea of tongue is kinda weird, but it’s like a tangier hotdog. So it tastes like hotdog with a different type of hot dog on it. The texture is like hot dog but a little softer. Try it!

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