CHEGO BYOB: Bring Your Own Beers

For those of you who aren’t in the know, Chego is, in fact, BYOB, for those who do not care for our fine range of Jarritos, Milkis and sodas that have been born in the US of A. The only ground rules are that you need to provide your own cups, mugs and glasses and to keep the state of inebriation at the jovial range of the emotional scale. Bringing a bottle of fancy wine? Most excellent. But please remember to pack your own corkscrews.

Stellas tend to be the beer of choice here at Chego, though the range outside of Stella Artois is pretty friggin eclectic.

We’ve got out crunchies with their run-of-the-mill organic beers…

…to the all-American, cheap-but-it-does-the-trick canned variety…

…to just about everything in between:

And for our more discerning beer drinkers…

…apparently Fat Tire is the way to go.

Oh, and for all y’all keepin them OG in the paper bags:

…is the paper to keep those cold beers warm and snuggly or what?  They’re obviously not 40s and I obviously know what’s inside, so feel free to drink them out in the open.  I won’t tell on nobody.  Unless those nobodies are SO VERY OBVIOUSLY under the age of 21.  ^___^

It’s so funny, some people will come and kinda hide them in paper bags behind their backs as they put in their orders, which just kinda makes them look a little more shady than they would otherwise.  But I guess people all have their own unique ways of taking a walk on the wild side.

When it comes to bringing your own beers or wines, I really don’t judge. You can bring what you want.  Just don’t get CRAZY with it.

Though you cannot tell from the picture, these lovely peoples from the Valley brought a whole grip of the party sauce to Chego late last Wednesday with half a gallon of Pino Grigio, some rose, Heinekins, wine coolers and tupperwares of lime.

When I asked what the limes were for, one of them smiled and pointed to her drink.

And wouldn’t ya know, they were making mojitos!

Which I thought, on some level, was supremely amusing.  HOWEVER, I will say that I’m not super keen on people bringing, say, a whole handle of hard alcohol during my shifts (Tues-Thurs), the reason being that it can quickly turn THIS kinda Chego experience:

…to THIS kinda Chego experience:

…if you get my drift.

That said, I will say that the peoples from the Valley were REALLY lovely and uber friendly and even helped us help them clean up afterwards!  Which was GREAT.

And let’s just keep it all-around GREAT at Chego, y’all hear?

Love, tacos and late-night beers,


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  1. J says:

    Hey. The link to your stop tonight at Devonshire and Reseda was wrong. I went all the way there, drove around looking for the truck, wasted gas to get there, had saved up the last of my paycheck to go, was late getting back to work and got in trouble. I guess I’m a moron for not realizing that the link was wrong in the first place, but why would you link to something that doesn’t exist?

  2. Alice Shin says:

    Hi J, you know I just checked in with our scheduling and staff and it seems that it was the correct link and that we arrived. I’ve even scoured our feed to see if there were any complaints from that night and did not find any. So sorry to hear that we weren’t there when you arrived. Please make sure to double check with the schedule on both the site and the Twitter!

  3. GatoGordo says:

    If your BYOB policy has changed maybe you all should update the eatchego website FAQ still says that bringin your own bottle is not allowed. Perhaps thats the reason for the paper bags?

  4. GatoGordo says:

    @Alice FYI I tried the The tuesday Reseda and Devonshire link that J was taking about. It took me to Abbott Kinney near Venice on Google maps

  5. Alice Shin says:

    GatoGordo — Hmmm, that is so strange why that happened. Thanks for pointing it out, I shall look into it. ALSO, thank you for reminding me! Just updated the FAQ on the Chego page. As for the paper bags, I’m not sure if brown bagging it makes the beer presence any more surreptitious in such a small space. 🙂

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