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Hi, hi, all,

As you all know, the cost of food has been steadily increasing over the past few years — so you know what news is coming. We’ve been eating costs left and right for a little over a year to keep prices where they were, but we’ve allowed ourselves a reality check just before the new year and, in turn, seriously discussed what was realistic for the company and what was reasonable for our fans. The thing is, we can run the truck on imaginary money for only so long. Hence THE NAPKIN SITUATION. And its subsequent BACKLASH. Remember that? Remember that time peoples? Back when fun times were had by all. Yay.

ON THE UPSIDE, the price hike isn’t exorbitant and the prices in general are way reasonable for the quality of food you shall all be receiving. When push came to shove, we couldn’t compromise on the quality of produce and meats we use for our tacos, burritos, sliders and quesadillas.

Tacos – $2.29
Calamari Tacos – $3.29
Burritos – $6
Kogi Favorites – $6
Specialty Quesadillas – $8

Combo #1 – $8
Combo #2 – $9
Combo #3 – $11

The price of desserts and drinks shall remain the same.


Thank you, thank you, thank you everybody for being so amazing!! And, in the spirit of dark humor, I shall embed a video that will teach you the various ways to count all that imaginary money you’ll be saving this week!

The way Koreans count their moneys makes me nervous, the way Indians count their money is delightful, the Turks are just adorable — but I gotta say, the way us Americans count money just seems to make the most sense. It’s efficient, it’s simple and there’s no way you might accidentally miss a bill or two, in case they end up sticking together.

Oh, yes. THAT wizard.

saw this update while jogging around my neighborhood

As it turns out, I’ve been HAD! If assumptions serve me correctly (as they hardly ever do), this was just some holiday hipster ploy to get us to follow their new tumblr.

In any case, it looks like the diabolical wizard is safe and enjoying himself on a few road trips. His travels aren’t quite as ambitious as those of Amelie’s magical garden gnome, but it’s good to see he isn’t locked up in some dank closet in Silverlake. YAY!

Love and tacos forever,

P.S. In unrelated news, much love goes out to the family and memory of Ben Breedlove, who passed away on Christmas Day. This video was uploaded just a week prior to his passing.

By the 2.5 million hits the video’s already received, I’m sure I’m not the first to have been moved by one of his final messages, but I am moved all the same. I had a little scare this morning with someone I love as much as if she were my own. I am so incredibly grateful that everything turned out alright. And watching this video really reminded me that no matter what the outcome, that she would be okay and taken care of.


0 Responses to news on Kogi prices, wizards and schtuff

  1. Ana says:

    Mad props for mentioning Amelie. That’s my favorite movie and twitter name 😉 . I’ll still love Kogi despite the price increase. It’s too delicious to give up. I can’t wait til you guys are in Pico Rivera again!

  2. Mawnck says:

    Raising the prices and keeping the quality the same. What a concept!

    It’s still a great deal for great food. I’ll see you next time you’re at Roger Dunn Golf (if not sooner).

  3. ester says:

    Kogi is my crack. So I’m still gonna eat me some delicious Kogi! 🙂

  4. patrick says:

    hey its cheaper than 1 of your other competitor(s)/imitator(s), I prefer you guys over them =)

  5. Matt Lacsun says:

    I’ll deal with the price hike, but only because you guys are absolutely amazing. Hope I can catch the truck soon!

  6. EmKay says:

    Yall gotta come to the Valley in the Woodland Hills/West Hills area more often….. Fridays at 6 pm. just is not enough……

  7. Joe says:

    Saw the truck off the 170 freeway after midnight. Sorry I could not help as I was traveling the opposite direction.

  8. Keep the quality at A+ like you always do and we’ll keep coming. Compared to a lot of the trucks out there, you have the best value for the price and taste/quality unlike no other. 🙂

    Now if you could do more events like the Lakers game, conventions, (Local and then some) that make people realize how awesome you all are would definitely be a plus!

  9. bean says:

    Sorry man but when my standard $7 order (2 mulitas and a taco) goes to something like $9.21, that is not cool. A 30% increase? In this economy? While a couple of bucks won’t break the bank, its the principal of the thing. I’m voting with my feet — no more Kogi for now.

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