meep meep, my fave meme of the moment and ENJOY

Grashus to everyone who came out to the free Public Enemy show on Sunday and got down with some tacos.


Well, there’s always next time, and by next time I mean probably never. THAT said, pay attention to our schedule and y’all should be in the clear the next time something uber cool comes up!

Normally I do these posts Tuesday morning at 6AM, but considering that I have to wake up at 4AM tomorrow/Tuesday to get to the west side at 5AM for a shoot (you can cheer, it’s not a call-time for me as an actor), I probably will either forget or be too distracted/fried to do my usual get-up-at-6AM-on-Tuesdays-to-write-a-blog-post.

On the upside, it’s for A-Frame and involves the F-Network, but on the downside, it’s a long shoot and a lot of moving parts. I’ll probably be zombie-fried by the time I hit up Chego at 5PM.

Yeah, about that, too. You’ll be seeing more of THIS at your favorite rice bowl strip mall joint Tues-Thurs. I say this to excite you and to also warn you that this will be my first week behind a cash register. To save us a lotta grief, I’mma take your orders nice and slooooooooooow to make sure I get it right, so let’s just have y’all try not to yell at me once the line gets backed up and I’ll do my best to not crack under pressure and call for mommy when I’m taking a liiiiiiiiiiiittle too long behind that big machine that speaks numbers and takes your moneys.

I’m a little on the slow side when it comes to learning, but once I get it, I’m pretty quick, so just gimme a good week to adjust.

In the meantime, I encourage y’all to just DANCE it out, peoples. DANCE. IT. OUT. <-- I know, sound like Tuesday already happened to me. (I just ate a lot of cookies, it’s after 6PM and after the sun goes down, my logic is just shy of passably coherent.)

This video below shall be your compass and guide for passing the time while I figure things out behind the register or am bussing your food. COOL QUIZ: count up how many songs you can identify w/out checking out the credits. It’s CRAZY, you’ll totally surprise yourself.

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

And if this STILL isn’t enough Alice to get you through the week, I shall be posting below my top favorite vids for the Sh*t ___ Say meme that’s been infesting youtube these past few weeks/months.

According to the Sh*ts ____ Say, I’m about 4% Armenian, 10% Mexican, 10% Asian, 15% Indian and 65% New Age. And I say this with pride. Can’t wait til They come out with Sh*t Asian Food Bloggers Say. Or better yet, have a throw-down between Asian food bloggers and Yelpers. I would TOTALLY watch that. RAW. (P.S. I laughed out LOUD when the Indian Girls one mentioned Taco Bell and the Mexican Girls one mentioned Shakey’s.)

Love, tacos and memes,


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  1. lua says:

    Alice, Do you like Chun-Lee more than me?

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