The Half Pound

Straight out of the top secret Kogi test kitchen in an undisclosed location, we bring you The Half Pound. And YES, it’s a burger. One juicy 1/2 lb grass fed beef patty smashed between a toasted sesame seed bun that’s been lovingly smothered in salsas verde and roja. Add a slice of melting cheddar, a generous pile of grilled onions and a dollop of toasted sesame mayo and you’re pretty much good to go. $9

Also available at Chego – 3300 Overland Blvd, Culver City – 5:30pm – 11:30pm


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  1. anymys says:

    had this tonight @ sherman oaks. WOW.. amazing. sometimes the mayo comes out to over powering (experience w/ sliders) so I ordered my w/o it and voila ! needs to be on the menu FOREVER. worth the $$ and 8 minute wait time

  2. GatoGordo says:

    Had this 4 x already this week. Amazing burger for a rough draft. Add some bacon and it would be killer!

  3. 学习了!谢谢博主

  4. anymys says:

    so dissapointed this is not available this week!!!

  5. Stitch says:

    So sad… been in San Diego last 2+ weeks and missed out on this… 🙁 Me want!!!

  6. ThissDJ says:

    The first sharing option is Sina Weibo (China’s ‘Twitter ‘), will Kogi BBQ expand to China? I hope so.

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