FRUIT SALAD like a boss

Heeeee. THIS WEEK, I can’t seem to thread together a linear-enough narrative, so consider this post a piñata of all that I found good and interesting this week — a fruit salad, if you will.

Speaking of fruit and stringing together a linear narrative, I’ll post up a few pics so you can string along your own narrative and guess at one of the cool side projects we’ve been working on the past few months.



Go CRAAAZY with it, kids! 😀

In other news, you might have caught a glimpse of our Papi Chulo with Tony Bourdain on The Layover last night on the Travel Channel.


You can click on the above pic for the LA K-town/Hanin-Town segment. No, Papi’s not that short, it’s just that Anthony Bourdain’s tall LIKE A BEAST. (I should know. I saw him once across a crowded room. He is GIANT in a Colin Quinn kinda way, not an Andre kinda way.) Plus the camera angle.

It’d be super cool if one of these day’s there’s a feature on a solid food-centered show on our K-Town, since it’s supremely MASSIVE and SPREAD OUT like peanut butter on toast in comparison to the other K-Towns across the country. There’s just so many of us, we’re even bleeding into parts of J-Town. (Gomenne, former colonizers.) History loves irony.

But, for now, I can be fairly happy with the cozy little corner Da Sung Sa took up in the episode.

Oh, and random — hath anyone ever heard of Lady Redbud/Chinese Redbud Woman?

photo courtesy of

Aside from being super hot, she’s actually doing her part in helping people in need.

photo courtesy of

Last May she was spotted handing out cold, hard CASH and food to people in Hong Kong. Over Christmas, she was seen handing out food, warm clothing and gifts to beggars and homeless people. And even though it was supposedly sh*tastically cold, she demonstrated her superhuman resistance to hypothermia by wearing nothing but short cape, catsuit and feline blue mask.

She apparently runs a microblog as well, but unless you can read Chinese, it might be a little difficult to follow. You can read more of the story HERE.

Some may accuse of her aiming to attract attention and celebrity with skin-tight clothing and a little cleavage. But isn’t it interesting that she refuses to identify herself? Plus, it has me thinking that at the end of the day, if she wasn’t bone-smokingly hot, it’d be easier to label her as more cray-cray than humanitarian.

Anyway, she definitely inspires the inner fangirl in me, hence I shall consider this phenomenon tentatively ALICE-APPROVED.

Love and tacos like a boss,

P.S. Speaking of Boss, if you’re a Star Wars fan or interwebs geek, you may find this version of Star Wars Uncut pretty Boss:

“In 2009, Casey Pugh asked thousands of Internet users to remake “Star Wars: A New Hope” into a fan film, 15 seconds at a time. Contributors were allowed to recreate scenes from Star Wars however they wanted. Within just a few months SWU grew into a wild success. The creativity that poured into the project was unimaginable.”


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