Ch-ch-changes: Kogi stops (Hawthorne, we got u this week!), dinner runs and prices

But before we begin, a little mood music. Click on the Tupac if you’re feeling more Papi Chulo in response to all these changes, click on the Osbournes if you’re feeling a little more emo about it.

FIRST OF ALL, a BIG THANK YOU to all the people who voted for all the old neighborhoods they wanted for us to roll back to. Trust. We’ve been listening. And playing jigsaw with our normal schedules to accommodate some of these requests. BECAUSE WE LOVE YOU. Though we’re not rolling back to ALL of them this week, we are fist bumping a few forgotten soldiers:
EL SEGUNDO — we got you. 1/13. For LUNCH.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD — 1/13. DINNER. <-- canceled! sorry! shooting for next week! DOWNEY -- we're baaack. 1>

Speaking of stops, we’re shifting up our game again with our schedule and responding a little more to the changes in the natural rhythms and cycles of the Kogi crowd. Before our dinner runs would be 6-9PM, 10-midnight/11:30PM, but now we’re coming in for shorter windows for some sniper hits. Expect us to roll up from now on from 6PM-8:30 and 9:30PM-11PM.

I’ve also allowed for the offices of Kogi take over writing in the schedule for our lovely Rosita (in case you hadn’t noticed) on our website. She’s usually out on a catering run, but apparently this week she’s giving out astrological reports. Something I don’t quite mind, since, apparently, I’ve been deemed as beautiful this week (You shoulda seen me LAST week) and makes a lot more sense than the oddball haikus of last week.

Seems like luck’s a bit tough for Geminis this week and though I’m no Leo, I am seriously considering playing those numbers for the lottery this week. Hey, if they worked for Hugo, they might just work for me.

And, as you can see, I’m not the only perfectly sane person at Kogi.

I know, I know. There are days when we are understocked on tres leches — or sometimes not stocked at all! Our poor Beth Kellerhals is baking as fast as she can with her assistant Dana, but she’s also got the ice creams and other desserts for Chego, A-Frame and Sunny Spot to contend with.

BUT what I CAN do is give y’all a head’s up.

Been playing around with it a bit last week, so we’ll see how this goes/how long this lasts, but I’mma give y’all a head’s up through Twitter how many tres leches and Sriracha bars we got in stock for lunch and dinner runs and also when we’ve sold out.

Last but not least, as advertised last week, the slight bump in prices shall be going into effect THIS WEEK:

THANK YOU. WE LOVE YOU. ::flails arms::

Love, tacos and changes,

P.S. I know I tweeted this. And put it up on our facebook. And told everybody and their mothers about it, but in case you missed it last week and are a BSG fan, I’mma put it HERE.

It’s just too GOOD! The midi music, the SNES graphics, etc. I’ll even forgive it making fun of the series finale, which I LOVED!, and Ronald D. Moore.

P.P.S. Down in the OC, Kogi + Skateboards go together like gin and tonic, brownies and chronic, super and sonic. In case y’all didn’t know. STAY SOBER! And play with that lettuce.


0 Responses to Ch-ch-changes: Kogi stops (Hawthorne, we got u this week!), dinner runs and prices

  1. Derek says:

    I imagine they get ruined on removal, but if they dont, may i have one of the old price stickers from one of the trucks? It would be an amazing gift for my other half. Let me know!

  2. mrspachies says:

    so ready to grub on some SRT tonight near the Red Roof Inn. thanks KOGI for visiting BP!!! <3

  3. gaffri says:

    how bout some sweet love for corona

  4. Jake says:

    Please come back to Silverlake/Los Feliz. PLEEEEEEASE

  5. akosita says:

    Yay thanks for coming to hawhorne

  6. Lisa says:

    Yea! Hawthorne loves you!

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